Simple Solution for Killing Fruit Flies

One thing is certain in the foodservice industry: everyone struggles with fruit flies. Whether they congregate near the bar, in restrooms or kitchen sinks, these pests can be found in nearly every restaurant or bar across the country. If you live in the South, you may have already seen signs of their return. As the weather heats up, the problem will get worse. Being proactive now can save your employees and guests the annoyance of swatting the pests away and protect yourself against health department violations.

Fruit Fly BarPro strips offer a simple and cost effective way to protect your foodservice operation from fruit flies and other pests. These odorless strips can be hung behind the bar, in restrooms, the kitchen or any other place where fruit flies are a problem. Each strip emits a vapor that is undetectable by humans. This colorless, odorless vapor kills fruit flies, cockroaches, moths, house flies and spiders. Each strip protects 200 cubic feet of space for 4 months. Fruit Fly BarPro strips are packed in cases of 10, giving you 2,000 cubic feet of protection per case.

Now through April 30, Instawares customers can get a second case of Fruit Fly BarPro strips at 25% off when they purchase one at regular price – a savings of more than $24.

"A Fly Killer!" Kills flies, cockroaches, and spiders. Guaranteed elimination. All-new time-released vapor technology. Clean and odorless.

Fruit Fly Bar Pro kills flies, cockroaches, and spiders guaranteed and protects for up to 4 months.

Brush Up On Basics for Food Safety Month

safe food

Although food safety should always be a top priority for your business, September is National Food Safety Month, a great time reinforce its importance with your employees. Brush up on these basic principles with your employees this month:

  • Temperature Monitoring – Maintenance of proper food temperatures is critical for preventing foodborne illnesses. Poultry should be cooked to 165° F, ground meats to 155° F, and seafood to 145° F. Instawares offers a variety of thermometers to monitor food temperatures while cooking and serving. Plus, from now through the end of the month, all Ecolab thermometers are 20% off.
  • Cross Contamination – Pathogens can easily be transferred from one surface or food to another during prep and storage. Avoiding bare hand contact with food and cleaning and sanitizing food-contact surfaces are good ways to prevent this from happening. Another easy way to avoid cross contamination when prepping food is using a produce wash like ProduceShield to guard against harmful organisms.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – Always clean and sanitize food-contact surfaces:
  1. After they are used
  2. Any time food handlers are interrupted during a task and the items being used may have been contaminated
  3. Before food handlers start working with a different type of food
  4. After four hours if items are in constant use

Following these simple steps goes a long way in preventing illnesses and can save you time and money.


Coffee & Breakfast for Dessert?

As a kid, breakfast for dinner was always an incredibly exciting weeknight twist. For students and night shift workers, breakfast 24/7 from fast food restaurants like Jack in the Box has its cachet. But now, breakfast for dessert is what’s on everyone’s mind!

This emerging 2014 food trend adds day-break foods to the modern chef’s weakness for mash-ups and also ties in American’s re-found love for tea! Earl Grey panna cotta is the lighter side of breakfast for dessert; doughnut sundaes are the extreme!

There’s really no way to get it wrong. Creativity is where you’ll find your own hit. Serve any kind of coffee- or tea-infused panna cotta in this modern gelato dish by Libbey. Could chocolate covered bacon be served in a pretty Dobla chocolate cup with some fresh whipped cream and candied nuts. How about serving kids a plate of cookies and milk from an old-fashioned milk bottle or a sundae in a cereal bowl with an assortment of cereals as toppings?