It’s a Fork! It’s Chopsticks! It’s the Chork!

Some diners boldly request chopsticks immediately upon entering an Asian restaurant and some diners boldly request a fork after being seated. The majority of guests are probably somewhere in the middle, either too embarrassed to try chopsticks in public or trying but getting hungrier as the meal goes on.

Meet the Chork—a single tensil that suits them all!Instructions for using the Chork.

Use the Chork in its original state as a fork.

Separate the Chork into its two halves and use them as chopsticks.

Flip the Chork upside down and it’s cheater chopsticks! (The respectable kind, solid red or solid black, without Pororo or Hello Kitty on top.)

The Chork gives timid diners an extra push to try the traditionally Asian way of dining and gives frustrated chopsticks users a little help for times when the rice just isn’t sticky enough. It’s a clever solution for restaurants and diners, and it’s sure to be a conversation piece for everyone.

10 Things to Make with an Easter Egg Cake Pan

Small Easter Egg Cake Pan by Chicago Metallic CGO-47685

12-on Small Easter Egg Cake Pan by Chicago Metallic Commercial Bakeware

Don’t relegate your Easter egg cake pan to dessert duty only! Specialty bakeware like our American-made Chicago Metallic Small Easter Egg Cake Pan can open up the floodgates of creativity. We’ll get you started with some ideas.

  1. Let kids do their own decorating with a variety of pre-cut fondant shapes and individual egg-shaped cakes.
  2. Bake individual frittatas using fresh ingredients chosen by the guests when they order.
  3. Create an Easter basket full of egg-shaped rolls and corn breads that include a variety of flavors: plain, spicy jalapeno, cheese, bacon, or sweetened with honey.
  4. Serve miniature Baked Alaskas in every combination of cake and ice cream.
  5. Layer fruit salad gelatin molds and serve as a side.
  6. Create a pretty appetizer of crackers and egg-shaped pâté.
  7. Make flavored ice eggs for pitchers of sangria, cocktails, juices and iced tea.
  8. Plate a main course on an egg-shaped bed of sticky rice.
  9. Bake puff pastry into an egg shape with a sweet or savory filling.
  10. Fashion egg-shaped bowls out of bacon or crispy hash browns and fill with scrambled eggs.

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"A Fly Killer!" Kills flies, cockroaches, and spiders. Guaranteed elimination. All-new time-released vapor technology. Clean and odorless.

Put the Smack Down on Pests with Fruit Fly Bar Pro

All food service establishments face an ongoing battle against pests but, because they reproduce so quickly, fruit flies in particular can be relentless. No matter how well your kitchen, bar, and dining room are maintained, discarded food and beverage residue tends to linger in sink drains and garbage bins. It’s that sludgy, greasy decay that attracts the fruit fly and it takes just one to start a big problem.

Fruit flies stand in that sludge and garbage when they are eating but they don’t stay there. They move around depositing bacteria and other illness-causing contaminants everywhere they land – on prep surfaces, utensils, people, and food! That’s why pest control is a Priority Foundation item in the Food Code.

When it comes to exterminating fruit flies, homemade traps work only on the flies that visit them. It’s the same with fly tape. And who wants to deal with traps and tapes filled with dead insects? Professional exterminators can help, but they’re expensive and have to make ongoing visits to your business. Do-it-yourself chemical treatments can also help, but you must use them with great caution around food prep and dining areas. You must also apply them repeatedly.

Instawares is excited to present Fruit Fly Bar Pro, the pest control innovation that’s easy to use and it works! Fruit Fly Bar Pro is similar to a fly tape; you hang it where pests are a problem and forget it. But, Fruit Fly Bar Pro is different than other extermination products because, within 24 hours, you’ll be fruit fly free! A single unit eliminates pests inside of a 200 sq. ft. area and protects from a re-infestation for up to four months – GUARANTEED!