“Breaking Bad” Gets Honorary Beer For Final Episodes

Breaking Bad, for many, has been considered one of the greatest television shows in recent history. The show, which took the previously-laughable Bryan Cranston of Malcolm In The Middle and shows his journey from affable science teacher to cancer-ridden drug lord, has been applauded and lauded for being a tense drama on the level of Mad Men and The Wire, and has easily become one of AMC’s prized shows.

The show is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico (and largely filmed there, making many locations cultural landmarks and stopping locations for visitors). Much like how The Office turned Scranton, Pennsylvania from “a place you may have heard of” to “a destination for die-hard fans”, Breaking Bad embraces and loves the town, even if, at the heart of it is a drug lord and shady criminals (and an even shadier chicken restaurant owner). An Albuquerque beer bottler has decided to celebrate the show’s final batch of episodes, premiering August 11th at 9pm.

Marble Brewery will be releasing an India Black Ale labeled “Heisenberg’s Dark”, named after the titular character’s drug lord alias (which, in turn, was named after the theoretical physicist). Disappointingly, the drink will not be a bright blue much like the pure crystal meth his character is known for concocting. Consumerist notes that you can craft your own blue drink using the drink, if you get a little creative behind the bar. It seems as if Marble has actually been featured on the show before.

Now, if someone will make the in-continuity home brew beer of Schraderbrau, you’d have the perfect pack of beers to wrap up the series with.

Naturally, Marble Brewery has taken advantage of the way the media has focused on the city they’re based in. Have you found opportunities to take advantage of media focus? The restaurant located next to Amy’s Baking Company, the disastrous restaurant at the heart of an episode of Kitchen Nightmares that went viral, has reported an increase in sales. If the world decides to take a look at your part of it, you might as well take this as a chance to capitalize.