Coca-Cola Gets A New Lease On “Life”

Unless you’re firmly entrenched in the Pepsi Cola side of the soft drink wars, chances are you sell Coca-Cola and a few of its variations. There’s the obvious Classic traditional version, a diet iteration, and you may even dip into the caffeine-free variety, vanilla, or even some of the crazy Coca-Cola Freestyle variations if you’re lucky enough to have that machine.

Coca-Cola looks to have a new variation on the drink, Coca-Cola Life. What’s the difference between regular Coke and Life? It’ll be sweetened with sugar and stevia, which a zero-calorie sweetener. A 20oz bottle only contains 100 calories versus the traditional’s 240, FoodBeast reports.

The biggest shift might be packaging. Regular Coke goes with red labeling and branding, with diet being silver and caffeine-free being gold (Coke Zero abandons all coloring with stark black designs). Coca-Cola Life goes with green packaging, a starkly-bright color variation on the packaging.

The variation comes soon after Coca-Cola has received flak for changing another part of its recipe. The semi-iconic “MexiCoke”, the Coca-Cola bottles coming from Mexico that were said to use real sugar (and therefore be more “authentic” to the long-time drink) may be giving up their sugar for high-fructose corn syrup. This change comes from a new tax on sugary drinks, with Mexico facing an obesity epidemic. Coca-Cola Life looks to mitigate the fire they come under with a healthier option, minimizing the calories and debatable sugar sources.

What does this mean for you and your restaurant? If you serve Coke products, you might have a new item available for you in the coming year. If anything, you can promote this new item on your shelves as a way to help lose weight; theoretically swapping to this drink instead of the traditional one will allow customers to cut calories without even noticing.

One restaurant that won’t be carrying Coca-Cola Life is Buffalo Wild Wings. While they currently have a Coca-Cola contract, they’ll be swapping to PepsiCo for a very unique reason: Doritos. Consumerist reports that Buffalo Wild Wings will now be allied with Pepsi, for the sheer purpose of potential food combinations: Pepsi has teased crunchy Dorito-crusted wings and chicken tenders alongside a Mountain Dew-based salad dressing.

Yes, you could possibly be drowning an iceberg wedge with Mountain Dew Code Red Vinaigrette before dipping your Doritos Locos Tacos Crunch Wings in your Mountain Dew Baja Blast Dipping Sauce.

It’s interesting to see that a major drink deal can change on the basis of future food possible food pairings, encouraging companies to be on the lookout for new food creations from unwitting sources.

Are you looking to breathe some life into beverage sales with Coca-Cola Life, or are you decidedly a Pepsi Challenger?