Dennis Rodman Shoots For Vodka, But Shaq Swished It First

Dennis Rodman is a man of many talents. He looks great in a wedding dress, was the star of Simon Sez and Double Team, and is the Celebrity Championship Wrestling champion. In recent years, he’s reached out to the international scene, attending the selection of the newest pope, and is possibly the first United States citizen that new supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un had ever met.

Naturally, this worldwide acclaim and celebration has led to him promoting a new brand of vodka. It’s the only move a man of such notoriety can make.

Dennis Rodman is marketing Bad Boy Vodka, a new brand of liquor, according to Huffington Post.

Rodman describes the liquor as

a perfect representation of whom I am and what I am all about.

This isn’t the only branching out that people related to Rodman have done in recent years. His NWO partner, Hulk Hogan, recently opened up Hogan’s Beach in Tampa, Florida. Basketball/movie star Shaq also released a vodka entitled “Love Shaq”.

While many of these celebrity endorsements have very little to do with the actual celebrity, and tend to fade after a period of time, some manage to stay around. Wrestler Abdullah The Butcher has had a restaurant in Atlanta for years (serving the unique combination of BBQ and chinese food), and Paul Newman’s brand of dressings seems to easily live beyond the man. In a world where Paula Deen’s “wholesome” food fame is coming to crash down, should we turn to the reckless abandon of Dennis Rodman? IF anything, he’s been nothing but brutally honest in his opinions on the world.

He’s also been incredibly interesting to follow over the years.