Budweiser Black Crown To Kick Off During The Super Bowl

Budweiser Black Crown? We’ve covered this before, but we’ve now gotten confirmation from Huffington Post.

This new amber lager (with a higher alcohol content) will debut during the Super Bowl in February, but will actually be available late January. The drink will be sold in 12oz glass bottles in six and 12-packs, and 22oz single bottles.

The drink, the outcome of Project 12 (in which 12 in-house brewmasters challenged each other with six brews in total)

The flavor?

Company officials said Budweiser Black Crown blends two-row caramel malt with four types of domestic hops, finished on a bed of Beechwood chips.


Black Crown comes after a successful launch of Platinum last year, and a constant chase to the brand’s high in 1988. It also comes at a time where microbrews and independent beer companies take more preference for younger crowds, those not beholden to the Budweiser brand.

Naturally, a huge Super Bowl push will do nothing but help the brand (accompanied by print, radio, television, and other ads). 1995 saw the Budweiser Frogs introduce during the game, while 2002 saw a commercial in remembrance of 9/11.

Will Budweiser Black Crown regain lost ground, or does Budweiser already have the Super Bowl crowd under their domain?