Dayman, Fighter Of The Nightman (And Sobriety)

Dayman, ah-ah-ah!

Fighter of the Nightman, ah-ah-ah!

Champion of the sun, ah-ah-ah!

He’s a master of karate and friendship for every one!

One of the standout comedy series of the past decade, and something that’s helped FX become a destination for comedy shows, notable for being unapologetic and largely featuring characters that are wholly irredeemable, is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Over the course of the series, one of the leads has devolved from vaguely slovenly average guy to an illeterate mess of a manchild. He crafted the musical The Dayman, to be played both on stage in the show and in real life. Sunny has become an imitably-quotable series for 20-and-30 somethings, the age range of the vaguely relatable cast.

The series, largely set in Paddy’s Pub, has inspired shirts and other decor designed after the, rather generic, name for an Irish pub.

Huffington Post reports that Stone Brewing Co., Two Brothers Brewing Co., and Aleman are working together to release Dayman Coffee IPA, a home-brew winner that will release in March. While coffee is largely not a plot point in the series (beyond The Waitress having worked at a coffee bar), the Dayman Coffee IPA is an obvious homage to the series. If Paddy’s Pub served the beer, they’d actually have something tolerable in the bar.

It’s not the only television-inspired beer in recent months; the Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale will also be coming out this spring.