“GWAR B Q Brew” Brings Viking Metal To Your Fridge

Newsflash 1: The band GWAR (“the masters of blood provisions”) is still around.

Newsflash 2: They celebrate a GWAR-B-Q, featured in Richmond, VA. on August 17th.

Newsflash 3: To fully commiserate the BBQ, they’ve announced the GWAR-B-Q Brew.

The new beer was crafted from a recipe by Rob Chalmers, and will premiere in Tampa, Florida, on April 3rd. A collaboration with GWAR and Cigar City Brewing, the drink is not the first time a band, celebrity, or other part of the media has had a drink come from it.

Iron Maiden had their Trooper drink, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia had the Dayman Coffee IPA, and Game of Thrones had the Iron Throne Blonde Ale. Hansen went with MmmHops Beer, while the decidedly-non-family-friendly Breaking Bad had Heisenberg’s Dark created for it. Basketball players/movie stars Shaq and Dennis Rodman have each had their own vodkas release.

For many, GWAR is a completely forgotten part of their musical history. At best, it’s a remnant only seen in reruns of Beavis and Butt-Head, and at worst, is a vestige of parody rock better done by Spinal Tap.

There’s no word if the beer will make it beyond the BBQ, out onto retail shelves or available for restaurants to order for the tap, but would you want it?

If anything, GWAR-B-Q Brew is “the only thing GWAR won’t spill.”

Expect cans to end up as cool collector items or eBay investments.