“MmmHops Beer” The Latest Band-Sponsored Relief Alcohol

Trooper comes from Iron Maiden.
Dayman Coffee IPA, in honor of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
Game of Thrones has its own Iron Throne Blonde Ale.
Additionally, we can’t forget about Forever Unloved Sandy, a beer who’s profit went to those who suffered at the windy hands of Hurricane Sandy.

There’s a new beer, from and inspired by a musical act that also goes to support a disaster. MmmmHops, from the Hanson brothers who brought the musical classic “MMMBop,” will be available to the attendees of Hanson’s Anthem Tour. At the moment, you can only order MmmHops-branded glassware and t-shirts.

All proceeds from the sale of mmmhops related merchandise will be donated
to the red cross to help with the oklahoma tornado recovery efforts.

Band members Isaac, Taylor, and Zac recorded their hit song “MMMBop” in 1996, and released it the following year. Notably, the band can’t play the song at the same key as they once could. At the same time, their inability to play their song at the same key is due to their age; they’re legally allowed to drink their own product at this point.

It seems unlikely that the drink will go large-scale, but maybe that would be the best for restauranteurs. Beer trends have shown that smaller scale drink and production runs are heavily more desired than large, national brands. While the drink may be destined to become a collector’s item for fans of the band (and possibly only acquired while attending one of their concerts), any bar that may be able to find a way to stock the drink may find a large profit in the novelty beer.

If anything, any and all items related to Mmmhops will go towards Oklahoma tornado relief, which is a noble goal.