Morning By Monin

There’s a whole world of syrups that you’ve never taken a look into, and Monin supplies many flavor additions that you can add and mix in to your meals and drinks. We’ve decided to take a look and see how you can sweeten up your breakfast in a multitude of ways.

Start With A Shake

One item I’ve personally fallen in love with in recent months is starting the day off with a protein shake. Protein makes it filling, and milk makes it thick (with blended ice making it a little frosty for the upcoming hot summer mornings). Traditionally, my shake has been two parts milk to one part protein, but I’ve learned a little flavor addition goes a long way. For a chocolate shake, a squirt of Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup would add a fair contrast without adding much sugar, while Swiss Chocolate and Dark Chocolate would add a decent amount of chocolate to double-down with.

Top Off The Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast

Got a fresh stack of pancakes or waffles, or even french toast or brioches to flavor up? Half the fun of the breakfast standbys are chasing them around the plate to pick up syrup, and you don’t always need generic breakfast maple syrup. Something like Superfruit Fruit Purée offers a fruity variation on the dish, and sweet ones such as Dark Chocolate (and its Sugar Free variation), White Chocolate, and Caramel can provide a little bit of a treat on top. Pair it with some strawberries and blueberries for a decadent breakfast.

To Drink?

If you’ve decided to not go the protein shake route, a good alternative would be a fruit smoothie, and there are a fair amount of flavors to chose from. Pina Colada, Mango, Peach, Wildberry, Banana, and Strawberry are all enjoyably flavors to go with a fruity smoothie. For coffee drinks out there, the options are nearly limitless on what can be added to your drink.

A good breakfast meal can completely come together, and while you might use other ingredients as a base, that various syrups and mixes can definitely take a breakfast from boring to a blast.