The Point Of The Pilsner Glass

iStock_000005659611XSmall-300x300A drinking glass is most beautiful when it is filled to the brim with a refreshing beverage. There are so many choices available when it comes to the size, shape, and usefulness of drinking glasses; if you are hosting a family brunch on the weekend or a Monday night football game party, a pilsner glass may be just what you want to use when keeping your friends and family well hydrated.

Why Use A Pilsner Glass?

A pilsner glass, which originated as a glass made for light beers, is known for its tall and slender shape. You can recognize it because it is more narrow at the bottom and it widens out near the top of the glass. This beautiful organic design sets it apart from other drinking glasses. It is very useful for all different occasions and different settings (unlike a wine glass or a beer mug), plus it also is great specifically for beer because the extra room in the glass top allows for a perfect full-bodied head. For beverages other than beer, this extra space works well for ice, fruit, and other garnishes. The glass’s unique shape is also excellent for showcasing the color of the drink.


Pilsner glasses are smaller than a standard pint glass. A pilsner glass usually can hold between 200 and 400 ml of liquid, or around 8 ounces, which makes it a great choice for light drinking or social events. It beautifully showcases the beverage inside of it, and is inspiring enough to collect more than just one. An important note, however, is that these glasses are difficult to stack on top one another, so they will take up more space in your shelves than a glass that can be stacked. The possibilities are endless with a pilsner glass, ranging from your favorite chilled beer to your mom’s secret recipe for strawberry lemonade.

Don’t forget, drinking out of a pilsner glass is a lot nicer than pouring a beer into a plastic cup you got for free at a restaurant.