Are You Serving Steak Correctly?

Steakhouses are, for many Americans, a special event. Ron Swanson of Parks And Recreation fame considered it a spiritual experience, taking pictures of himself with every steak he’s eaten there. The cost for a steak in a nice restaurant is usually calorically and cost-prohibitive for most Americans to have on a regular occurrence, so we limit it to a special event.

If your restaurant serves steaks, or completely runs the business on the sale and culture of steaks, you may want to make sure you’re doing it right. Eatocracy has a list of seven common faults that steakhouses have fallen into,

Serve The Best Steak

While at one of these restaurants, in many cases the recipes and chefs of the kitchen are a little simplistic. This isn’t a bad thing; steakhouses are largely centered around purely applying fire to meat, and maybe adding a bit of salt. It’s caveman logic, and while the steaks may be delicious, it’s not the recipes that are driving people into the restaurant, but the quality of the steak. Make sure you’re having the highest quality cuts, marbled to perfection.

Dry-Age, Not Moldy

Particularly this also counts as a food-safety tip (it is “Food Safety Month”, after all), but it’s simply something to pay attention to. If you dry-age, make sure you do it properly. Keep the aging room dry and clean, and spaced out. Too many steaks close together without proper humidity, and mold is a major danger.

Don’t Burn

Obviously, do the steak as the customer wants, but stay away from burning. At best, the outside should be “brown and crusty”.

Don’t Upsell The Wine

If the wine is worth it, sure. Price it appropriately. While people may want to pair steak with wine, you shouldn’t massively up charge the lower-quality stuff for the sake of it. Make a profit, but don’t bleed them dry.

Suet Can’t Save The Dish

Are your steaks not up to par? Suet, while a nice addition, shouldn’t be used to cover up any imperfections in the dish.

Bacon Is Overrated

Bacon is delicious, but it’s culturally reached that point where everyone’s aware of it’s idiosyncracies. It’s salty, chewy, and crisp all at once. Selling three slices on the side of stuff you got at your local grocery store as an appetizer that costs more than meals at fast food place.

Accuracy Is Important

When it comes to eating steak, you will clearly want what you eat to be accurate. Ribeyes are ribeyes, t-bones are t-bones, and everything is appropriately represented.

Steak houses can be a very fun night of fine dining every once in a while, but if it’s a limited treat for many, you should make sure that your dishes and restaurant are properly serving the clientele.

In addition to these guidelines, you should make sure you have the correct utensils and product to go with it, from steak knives to steak weights, all paired with steak platters. Essential knowledge has to pair with essential tools, after all.