Donating Pizza For A Good Cause?

Daria Morgendorffer, star of Daria (and recurring character on Beavis and Butt-Head), at her acceptance speech for an award at her college graduation, had this thought:

There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza.

Think about it. Pizza is the traditional go-to for feeding a large amount of people. Late business meeting? Order a pizza. Sleepover? Order a pizza.

2-years old and in the hospital for cancer? Way too many pizzas.

A 2-year old girl stricken with stage-3 neruoblastoma at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles likes pizza, and her mom had taped “SEND PIZZA” on the window of her room, noting which room. Hazel Hammersly and her mom Laura soon found themselves with pizza.

More than 20.

In fact, the pizzas kept arriving until the hospital had to turn them away, CNN reports.

Who sent all the pizzas? A Reddit user uploaded the image of the sign-taped window and uploaded it with information to the social site, which then initiated their “Random Acts Of Pizza” trend to send pizzas to the little girl.

The mom reports that soon the entire ward of the hospital was having an impromptu pizza party, with staff, families, and patients all able to get a slice. Hazel had three, apparently.

While not all the pizzas were necessarily from Papa John’s, the ones scene in pictures appear to be, despite the chain not having anything to do with the event outside of making and delivering the pizzas (presumably, Reddit users ordered and paid for them).

Have you found an opportunity to give to a good cause? While having standard donation services and plans set up, you may want to keep an ear for the news. If a family loses their house due to nature, you might want to donate some food for them. It’s a move that can engender good will and spirit toward your restaurant and brand, and pay back the community and people in it.

If anything, it’ll make you feel warm on the inside.