How To Honor Veteran’s Day In Your Restaurant

This upcoming Monday, November 11th, will be Veteran’s Day in America. This is one of the many days that you can take special advantage of and treat both the veterans that have defended your country and show your pride and part of the community with discounts, promotions, and more. How can you celebrate your heroes in your community?

Follow The Big Guys

Foodbeast has collected a list of ten notable chains running notable specials throughout the day.

  • Krispy Kreme will be offering all active, retired, and veterans a free donut and a small coffee.
  • Shoney’s will be offering all veterans and active a free All-American Burger.
  • Champps will be offering all veterans and active a free hand-crafted burger with fries.
  • On The Border will be offering a free meal from the Create Your Own Combo meal, alongside donating 15% of purchases (with a flyer) to Carry The Load.
  • Paciugo’s is offering veterans and active a free Gelatte.
  • Menchie’s is offering free frozen yogurt to active and veterans.
  • Little Caeser’s is offering free Crazy Bread to those who have or are serving.
  • Twin Peaks will give a free meal to all service women and men.
  • Olive Garden is giving a free entree off of a special menu, alongside 10% off the receipt for members dining with them.
  • Red Lobster will be offering a free appetizer from a limited menu as well.

All these large companies are offering free dishes, ranging from a small donut to an entire meal. Looking at your menu, you can undoubtedly come up with some equivalent concept; if you sell hamburgers, a free hamburger is a traditional American option. None of the menu items given out for free are high-ticket items, but decidedly improve the mindset of your company for those who have served. If those in service play it right, they may go from restaurant to restaurant and load up; we’ve all done it on birthdays.

Honor Your Staff

You may have had people on staff that have served, and you might want to treat them in a way that works for your restaurant. It could be anything from taking them out for a long lunch break to the movies, simply giving them a free meal that day, giving them a gift card, or even just offering them to have the day off, to leave early, or to come in late. Little things like this might not make a major dent in the budget, but for an employee, can possibly be a large improvement to their day.

Donate to Charity

You may wish to simply include a donation box near the front, or be ambitious and donate a certain percentage of your tickets (or even the entire price of certain items) to a veteran’s organization of your choosing in your local area. Customers may even chose to spend more in your restaurant if they know their money is going to a good cause.

Veteran’s Day is a day meant to honor those who’ve served; you have more than enough opportunities to do so in your own restaurant.