It’s Time For Your New Year Resolutions!

It’s the beginning of a new year, and you’re probably cleaning up from your celebrations the night before. Trash bags are filled up with streamers and firework remains, “Happy New Year” banners hang out of the dumpster like a dog sticking its tongue out, and the dishwasher has been running full-time to clean all the champagne flutes you drank from the night before.

With the new year comes new resolutions for you and your staff, but you might want to make many for the restaurant as well. It’s not only you and your staff that might shed a few theoretically pounds and take advantage of a renewed focus. We’ve got a few thoughts on how you can tweak your business for the new year.

  • Take care of any and all paperwork you’ve had sitting around. Beyond the simple stuff such as disposing of old calendars, you can go through paperwork and organize receipts, orders, and more. If anything, doing this now will help you be prepared for the incoming tax season.
  • Do a deep clean of the pantry, refrigerators, freezers, and more. Check the dates on all the packages; anything that says 2013 should instantly be thrown out. This is something that should be done frequently enough, but the year changeover should be an easy and quick enough way to do it; check for the year and move to the next one. Unless something manages to happen go out this exact day, you’re set.
  • Consider swapping up scheduling. Your staff may have gotten into a rut with working the same hours every week, and while some may appreciate the consistency, others may be unhappy with a certain particular shift, such as Friday nights. Acquire all of your staff’s available hours and start from scratch; if anything, you may have your college students having their class schedule changing. If you have a day or two that particularly has bad sales, you might even want to try putting a fresh face on those days to see if some new blood could improve sales.
  • Take digital what you can. While you may want to hold onto some items like your original menu for posterity sake, many items can be digitized and trashed. You may want to throw away old physical menus if you haven’t, for example.
  • Update your pictures and decorations. Dust everything, look at updating some of the photo frames, taking new pictures of what you can. If your facade or building has changed, you’ll even want to update your website so your customers can more easily recognize and find your place. Hiring a professional photographer can make a world of difference from the pictures you took with your smartphone years ago.
  • Update your website. Many restaurants feature outdated deals, menus, promotions, and even staff on their website. If you have a new head chef, there’s no reason to keep your previous one listed on your site, and if you stopped accepting a coupon, take it off your site. If your website has been a second-thought, give it first priority. Many updates could be handled in a day with a talented web developer.

Taking some time at the beginning of the year will allow you and your restaurant to go forward better than ever.