KFC Tests Rebranding With KFC 11

The former Kentucky Fried Chicken, known as exclusively as “KFC” in recent years, has had trouble figuring out their place in the fast food world. A new introduction of “boneless chicken” was released with comment that it could possibly be the future of the franchise, despite the tradition of bone-in chicken being the heart of the company.

Consumerist reports that KFC will be trying a new fast-casual restaurant dubbed “KFC 11″, named after the iconic (and mysterious) 11 herbs and spices (they’re so iconic that they’ve been found in the a cookie they’ve tested). In Louisville, Kentucky, one restaurant was shuttered to be remodeled into what was named an “innovation restaurant”, and is currently looking for a manager for a “fast-casual test store.”

The company describes the restaurant rebranding as

We’ve taken the best part of KFC (you guessed it… the chicken…), and crafted it into simple, fresh tastes for today. Flatbreads, sandwiches, salads and rice bowls share the menu with refreshing new drinks and indulgent sweets. And yet with all of this delicious, new food, we haven’t forgotten our roots -you’ll always be able to get the Colonel’s famous Original Recipe Boneless chicken!

KFC eleven will transform how people think about the brand, and we’re looking to build a spirited crew to bring these fresh and amazing flavors to today’s consumers. Our passion and care, along with our relaxed atmosphere, will keep guests coming back again and again whether for a quick bite or a lingering visit.

They’re not completely floundering; the company is the first American chain to make it out to Mongolia, The company is also successful in the Philippines, even getting creative with fried macaroni and cheese bites. We’d be remiss if there was no mention of Japan’s love of the company.

Still, changing things up are a traditional means to bring attention to a failing restaurant. Many television shows features chefs or other business-owners coming to failing restaurants, redesigning and rebranding them to (hopeful) success. Do you have any ways that you’ve found your company succeeding after a redesign? Have you tried rebranding?