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McDonalds Changing Menu And Payment Options; What Can You Learn?

For easily being one of the most successful brands globally, McDonald’s clearly has a plan in place for success. Something’s working well for the company, so paying attention to their movements would be smart for any restaurant, whether they’re wanting to franchise or not.

McDonalds has started to introduce steak on their breakfast menu items, allowing consumers to order new (and simply swapped out) orders such as a steak, egg, and cheese biscuit, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. Many consumers will want to move up to the higher quality, thicker protein in their breakfast dishes. In addition to this dish, they’ve added Mighty Wings, a spicy breaded set of wings and drums. The Mighty Wings run counter-intuitive to most of McDondalds’ menu, being slightly harder to eat (for the sheer inclusion of bones).

On top of new menu items, they’ve begun testing a Blitz Box for party-goers, including two Quarter Pounders with cheese, 10 Chicken McNuggets, and two medium orders of French fries. This package of some of their most-popular menu items makes ordering food easier for consumers and quicker for staff; ordering a Blitz Box means the staff can start working away on all the ingredients, instead of individually managing different items. and possibly messing up a large order.

Their menu is increasing in other ways, too. The Dollar Menu menu is possibly becoming the “Dollar Menu And More” menu, focusing on cheaper dishes, but not limiting themselves to a self-imposed $1 price point. This allows for a few more flavor variations in their already cheap sandwiches, meeting customer demands for taste and low prices.

One diversion that McDonald’s is looking into that might change the fast food landscape is varying up the ways consumers can pay.

According to a memorandum of notes recapping a June meeting of an NLC meeting, McDonald’s Corp. is testing the solution to include for mobile payments, including an outdoor payment device for the drive-thru; mobile ordering and pick-up for both in the stores and curbside; and customer-engagement solutions like targeted offers and a mobile-loyalty system.

Given technological advances, it does seem a bit redundant that consumers need to order at one menu, drive forward, and physically hand their card to a cashier who has to swipe it, followed by driving farther to pick up the meal. It’s not a stretch to imagine a future situation where someone could order on their phone from work and pick up a meal on the way home for dinner, or drive up to a menu, tap in their order, swipe, and only interact with an employee as they pick up their food at the end of the drive-thru. This commitment to technology is not completely new to McDonald’s; earlier this year, they introduced QR codes to their packaging so consumers can see the nutritional facts of their meals with smart phones.

McDonald’s may be on to something with their various initiatives; do you see anything that can be applied or expounded in your establishment?