National Pasta Day: What Do You Need?

Pasta may not be on your menu, but it could be, and you may just need the right utensils to get the job done. Today is National Pasta Day, and that means that everyone should celebrate the carbohydrate-heavy dish. Runners eat it by the pound before tackling a marathon, children eat it in tomato and cheese sauce with a peanut butter sandwich, poor college students are known for eating it in a soup that costs 10 cents a package, and if you’re good enough with flour and water, you might just make it yourself from scratch.

What are a few things any restaurant that serves pasta should have, and what are their purposes? We dive into National Pasta Day and hope you’ll twist up our meal-makers.

Pasta Cookers

Multiple types of pasta cookers may be the most important part of your kitchen when it comes to spaghetti, tortellini, and more. Some are simple pots with filters, allowing you to boil and drain in the same container, which works great for cooking one type of pasta. This pot comes with four inserts instead of one, so you can cook four different kinds of pastas at once, or even toss vegetables into the mix without mixing them up. If you don’t have a stove top to boil pasta in and don’t need one for general usage, this countertop pasta cooker can do one job really well. You can large and have a standing unit that can crank out boiling pasta on a much larger scale.

Serve It Up

If anything, you’ve got to serve the pasta up in something, and there’s a variety of bowls that can fit the occassion. Classic round ones are traditional, and yet square dishes can be a nice diversion. Wood bowls have their place, as long as they’re properly maintained. Tongs, forks, and spoons are an important part of dishing up the pasta your customers will be coming for.

Make The Pasta, or Buy It

If making pasta’s not in your wheelhouse, you can always purchase lobster ravioli, squid ink and egg pasta, gnocchi, agnolotti, and more. If you’re up for making it, there are manual pasta makers alongside electric ones (that’ll save you in arm-fatigue). Once you’ve made pasta, make sure to dry it on a wooden pasta drying rack.


It’s National Pasta Day; make sure your restaurant embraces that. Offer deep discounts on pasta dishes for the whole family, ranging from simple macaroni and cheese for the children to major family-style dishes for large parties. Get creative, and replace drinking straws with long, hollowed-out pasta noodles, and make sure to pair pasta with appropriate sides, like garlic bread, fried eggplant, and more. Even think outside of traditional Italian fare and look into the pastas of the world, such as ramen and udon noodles hailing from Japan. National Pasta Day can fill up both your customers and your registers.