Unique Restaurant Promotions: Give 10% For Turning In Your Phone

One consistent problem that consumers have run into in modern time is that of the cell phone. For many restaurants, customers on the phone end up disrupting dinners, not socializing with their fellow eaters, or otherwise allow themselves to be distracted during the entire meal, instead of enjoying and savoring the food they’ve come to eat and the company they’ve chosen to dine with. Some would argue that they eat by themselves, and that using a phone in a diner or restaurant is akin to reading a book or newspaper casually in years past. It is true that technology has advnaced to the point where a person using the phone may not actually make a noise; they could be playing a video game, posting a picture of food on Instagram, updating their Twitter status, liking a Facebook post, and more things that the latest smartphones can handle.

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern in Beirut has had enough of these dinner distractions, and came up with an interesting way to both increase sales, gain attention, and have their eaters focused on the food.

Their website declares

Tired from going out to places where people are just sitting with a drink and socializing with their mobile phone? If YES is your answer,
Bedivere is your place!

Bedivere is a place that can take you back in time to the age of Bedivere -the Knight of the Round Table- with a Good MOOD, Good MUSIC and Good FOOD.
Bedivere Eatery and Tavern – A Knight To Remember!!

How do they make this happen? Obviously, they’re not frisking people at the door for their phones. They are offering consumers to “check in” their phone in exchange for a 10% discount off their meal, a substantial discount at a substantial cost: you have to socialize with your peers. If anything, you can at least sit in silence and enjoy your meal for what it is. Eater points out that they’re not the first restaurant to have a deal like this in the interest of increasing consumer satisfaction.

Can you think of a similar promotion that you could run in your restaurant? If anything, giving this a trial run could be an interesting experiment, and with the 10% discount, you might find that consumers are more engaged with their table-mates, ordering more food and staying longer.

One suggest for friends to challenge themselves to actually talk to one another has been that all members of a party place their smartphone down in a stack on the center of the table. The first person to pick up their cell phone, whether to check their email, answer a phone call, see what time it is, or otherwise use the device must end up paying for the whole tab for the table. It’s a fun drinking game, if anything, outside of the person who just can’t break their cell phone addiction.