Customer Care Outreach – Time to Ship

As a company who ships from numerous warehouses, realizes that there are a wide range of lead times when it comes to product shipments. Level of sophistication and customization can affect the lead time from warehouse to customer.  Complexity isn’t the only factor influencing ship time; after processing the order, some warehouses take longer to ship items due to organizational policy. Modes of transit can influence the shipping time as well.

Lead Time to Ship

Most of the confusion amongst customers revolves around the lead time for items to ship. Lead time, depending on the context, is either the estimated time of departure for products to leave the warehouse or the estimated time of arrival at the customer’s location. On, the lead time shown is the estimated time of departure for products leaving their respective warehouse. Each warehouse varies on the time it takes for items to ship. This could be due to organizational policy or the time it takes to schedule the transport of the product.

Transit Times

Once orders are processed they’re transferred to shipping for delivery to the customer. Our primary mode of transportation for goods is UPS Ground. UPS offers the customer the option to have orders expedited. If an item is in stock, the customer can have the items shipped next day air to their business for an additional shipping charge. However, depending on the size of the product, quantity in some cases, a customer’s order may not be able to ship via UPS Ground. For most restaurant supplies, UPS Ground will suffice; while some restaurant equipment (large units) will need to be transported via freight. Con-Way Freight is the primary freight service used by While, freight shipments will take longer to ship, a week compared to 3-5 business days with UPS Ground, a lift gate is always requested as to make it easier for the customer to get their equipment off the truck.

Special Order Items

Stock and Special Order are two classifications of items. Stock items, as indicated by their name, are in warehouse inventory and can usually ship between 24-48 hours. However, special order items may take up to 2-3 weeks for the items to ship. For an item to be labeled “special order” means one of two things: stock of the item is based upon orders received from customers or the item is custom built. Glassware, for example, could be special order, if the warehouse fulfills orders by supplying the adequate amount of the product to accommodate present orders. More complex items, like a pass thru refrigerator with 4 glass doors, would carry a longer lead time to ship, as it would need to be custom built to match the customer’s needs.

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