Election Day Can Let Customers Vote For Your Restaurant With Dollars

Chairs outside of a Restaurant
Coke versus Pepsi! McDonald’s versus Burger King versus Wendy’s! Cheese Nips versus Cheez-Its! There’s a litany of food competitions that happen on a regular basis, and in all of them, consumers vote with their dollars.

Today is Election Day across the United States, and for many, that means a day or some time off from work and school, offering up new chances for a hearty lunch at your restaurant. While people may be more focused on who they’ll be voting for in various local and state elections, you can attempt a few promotions to get them engaged with your restaurant, in it’s doors and spending money.

Allow Customers To Vote On The Menu

There’s always a few new menu items you have waiting in the wings for rainy menu days. One concept that might drive sales would be to introduce two limited-time dishes for a period of time before the election. Feature them on the menu for a limited time, and allow customers to vote on which one they prefer to become a permanent, or at least a longer-lasting, menu item. This allows and encourages customers to feel as if they’re an integral part of your restaurant, and can take part in its future successes.

Reward Those Who Vote

The sheer act of voting is considered one of the greatest treasures of being an American; it’s what drives this country, allowing the citizens to have a direct impact on how the country is run. It’s the definition of a democracy, and many voting districts will allow you to wear your pride in being an American with a simple sticker that says “I Voted!” or “I’m a Georgia Voter” and the like.

The concept is simple, and up for you to decide. If a customer comes in with a sticker saying they voted, offer them a free side, free drinks, or even just a flat percentage off of their menu order. Advertise it in advance to let people know that they should make your restaurant the first stop to make after they cast their vote.

Let The Day Be About Choice

Offer up a few varieties of dishes that you don’t normally have on the menu, letting customers really have it their way. A simple concept, like allowing any sort of topping on a hamburger or hot dog, goes a long way in committing to your customers. If you normally limit your breakfast offering meals to coffee, hot cocoa, tea, milk, orange juice, and other breakfast staples, allow them to try something different and combine their grits and toast with a soft drink. You never know what unconventional pairing might just hit the perfect spot.

Never Inquire On Who/What They Voted For

Did the customer vote? Great!

Should you ever ask who they voted for? No!

A person’s vote is a personal and private matter; they may wish to share who or what they voted for with you, but they are under no obligation to. Oddly enough, while you may be celebrating one of the most political of days, you’ll want to keep politics out of it.

Election Day may not be a holiday in the traditional sense of the concept, but it’s still a day you can take advantage of to increase your sales at your restaurant.