Five-Pattied Cheeseburgers And Shrimp Burgers Available In Japan Today

20121015-lotteria-super-cheeseburger-ad-215x300Lotteria, effectively a Japanese-based McDonalds-esque fast-food chain, has decided to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary, Serious Eats reports. Today is the final Super Cheeseday, in which they offer (for the low price of 500 yen, roughly $6) a cheeseburger. Consumer have the option to have up to five patties on the sandwich for the same price as one. The same deal was available last Tuesday.

The past and next Friday, Super Frydays, offered the same deal with a fried shrimp-patty burger. Up to five burger patties and what appears to be a rough coleslaw equivalent.

This would be amazing in America, and it’s a surprise that no Lotterias have open up in the country. Could you finish it?