Food Of The Feast: Mother's Day

As long as you’re not in a “Throw Momma From The Train” situation, Mother’s Day is one that you should enjoy, a celebration of the woman that brought you into this world. As a restaurant owner, you should also know that Mother’s Day is the largest day for people to eat out at a restaurant. The math is simple on this one; culturally, mom is the one who traditionally made dinner in decades past, and to celebrate her, you’re not going to make her make her own dinner, are you? Take her out to a nice restaurant.

It’s a simple idea to capitalize on this holiday, but there’s a small problem: there’s no “traditional” Mother’s Day meal. There’s not a long-standing tradition of apple pie or catfish or Asian fusion meals. Ideally, a fancier meal works better than a hamburger or pizza, unless Mom really has a love of the local hamburger joint.

Still, there’s promotions to be had, and despite the founder of Mother’s Day spending her later years fighting the commercialization of the holiday, money can be made off the holiday. It’s all about getting people in the door.

  • Offer a host of freebies once mothers and children walk in the door. See about having a bounty of carnations to hand out, or offer the mom a free drink of wine (or whatever her usually-more-expensive-than-desired drink of choice is). Make sure you have some ways to display flowers, while you’re at it.
  • Promotional meal deals are a good idea, and can help you get rid of excess inventory. As the holiday isn’t tied to any particular meal plan, you may take this chance to hand out some of your lesser-selling items.
  • Price cuts on special combinations. Say, if the children are getting one meal, mom can get that same meal at half-price. This will encourage both usage of the same ingredients in the kitchen (which is a time-saver to boot) and, invariably, some will opt to get a more expensive meal so mom can also get the same expensive meal, but at half the expense.
  • Stock up on dessert. You may not sell dessert for everyday eaters, but for special occasions, people are more likely to treat someone to a dessert, and they’re more likely to indulge in the calorie-rich creations that can inch the price of dinner higher and higher.

People will want to take care of their mom on this special day. Make sure they have every opportunity to take care of her at your restaurant.