January Food Holidays

january 2013 food holidays
New year, new month, and a new day have arisen. There are dozens of food-based holidays in January, and we’ve got your quick-and-easy guide to them

January 1- 
Start the new year off with a Bloody Mary (you can have one after midnight, instead of in the morning) and give someone an apple. (Presumably, Apple Gifting Day does not mean a Macbook, but if you’re so inclined…)

January 2-
Enjoy a Cream Puff today.

January 3- 
Enjoy a Chocolate-Filled Cherry, not cherry-filled chocolate, today. I don’t exactly know how you’re going to fill a cherry with chocolate, but best of luck on that.

January 4-
Sit down and watch a western, as it’s Spaghetti Day. Or a bowl of pasta, if you want to be literal about it.

January 5-
Whipped Cream can go on a variety of things, some of them actually being food. Don’t lie; we know you’ve bought whipped cream for another reason. Actually use that can on a dessert.

January 6-
It’s National Bean Day, but you should really eat more than one. It’s also National Shortbread Day, so enjoy a shortbread cookie, if you’re one of those people that actually do.

January 7-
Tempura is so delicious, isn’t it? If you’ve got friends who can’t stand sushi but are at a Japanese restaurant with you, just tell them to get the tempura: it’s fried and battered stuff.

January 8-
English Toffee is chewier than it’s international brethren. Now you know!

January 9-
The native range of the Apricot is unknown, due to extreme prehistoric cultivation. Think of that when you eat one today!

January 10-
Bittersweet Chocolate is something you can’t appreciate as a child, but fully fall in love with as an adult. Celebrate this in a classy way this evening, as only adults can.

January 11-
Sure, you could drink Milk, or you could have a Hot Toddy. Milk is, well, milk, and the Hot Toddy was original considered as a relief for cold; this concept is absurd, as alcohol increases chances of dehydration, something that you shouldn’t risk when ill.

January 12-
You might have called it Country Captain, but most of the world calls it something simpler: Curried Chicken. Make sure to max out the heat on mine!

January 13-
Peaches and raspberry sauce top vanilla ice cream in this desert, the Peach Melba, crafted to honor soprano Nellie Melba. See, you can learn a little about culture while you eat ice cream.

January 14-
A Hot Pastrami Sandwich would be a nice treat on what should be a cold day.

January 15-
In comparison, you’re mad if you’re eating Strawberry Ice Cream in the dead of winter.

January 16-
This is an odd combination, but January 16th is both Fig Newton Day and International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Sure, coat your Fig Newtons in Tabasco if you want.

January 17-
How to make Hot-Butter Rum: Rum, butter, water, sweetener, and spices. It’s probably pretty cold on this day, so warm yourself up.

January 18-
Certain ducks are raised for 65 days before being slaughtered for the perfect Peking Duck dish. Prized for it’s crispy skin more than it’s meat, it is a dish that dates back to Beijing’s imperial era.

January 19- 
Popcorn. Is there not a more a basic, simple, and healthy combination when it comes to snack food?

January 20- 
It’s time for a combo; it’s Buttercrunch Day, Cheese Lover’s Day, Granola Bar Day, and Coffee Break Day. Enjoy a buttercrunch granola bar covered in cheese on your coffee break.

January 21-
Any fan of The Simpsons will see New England Clam Chowder Day and think of Mayor Quimby’s relative yelling “SAY CHOWD-AH!”.

January 22-
What makes a Blonde Brownie different than a regular brownie? The focus on sugar instead of cocoa in the chemical composure.

January 23- 
Why Pie Day isn’t March 14th, the world will never know.

Oh, wait, there is a Pi Day on March 14th?

That works.

January 24-
Peanut Butter is delicious, but I have fallen by the wayside towards almond butter myself.

January 25-
It’s cold, so an Irish Coffee might make the night go smoother. Drink some as you celebrate a Burns Night (named not for C. Montgomery Burns, but poet Robert Burns).

January 26- 
Pistachios are amazing, aren’t they? Were you aware that they’re from the area of Iraq and Iran?

January 27-
Chocolate Cake is amazing, isn’t it? Were you aware that chocolate cake is available everywhere, and you should be eating some right this second?

January 28-
Blueberries, or as they’re commonly known, The Best Kind Of Berry In Existence, are delicious. Pancakes are delicious. Blueberry Pancakes are only trumped by their cousin, Blueberry Waffles, due to a crispier texture and the inclusion of “flavor crannies”.

January 29-
You’re most likely going to default to the brand Fritos for National Corn Chip Day, and we can’t blame you for that, but just remember, some tortilla chips (the superior kind) are made from corn.

January 30- 
“We took the Croissant, and made it the Croissanwich!”. Dennis Leary sums up most American’s feelings toward the light pastry.

January 31-
Cognac, creme de cacao, and half-and-half mixed together make the Brandy Alexander, a drink you may have only ever heard of on an episode of Mad Men.