June Food Holidays

June 1

Start the beginning of the month, and the beginning of the day, with a good set of Doughnuts. Wrap it up with some Hazelnut Cake, and your sweet tooth will be rounded off.

June 2

If you’re not done with the sweets, intake a big bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream after dinner. Rocky road was named to make the Great Depression a little brighter. That’s a slightly depressing fact, but it is undoubtedly a great ice cream flavor.

June 3

The incredible, edible Egg. Do I need to go over the variety of dishes you can make featuring eggs, or including it as an ingredient? If you really want to cap the day off, watch the Batman episode featuring Vincent Price as Egghead.

June 4

This will definitely be a gastronomical disaster for a day, but Cheese with dessert of Frozen Yogurt, and wash it all down with a Cognac.

June 5

Gingerbread originally meant “preserved ginger”, but eventually lead to the iconic confection with honey and spices.

June 6

While Applesauce Cake might sound like cake with applesauce filling as layers, the actual cake includes applesauce in the mixture. It’s quick and easy, and may bring back some flavoring from your childhood.

June 7

Chocolate Ice Cream will always be fighting for ice cream supremacy with vanilla. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

June 8

June 1st celebrated the “doughnut”, while Jelly-Filled Donuts are the June 8th celebration. What’s the difference between “doughnut” and “donut”? British and English, like “colour” and “color”.

June 9

You have Ben Franklin to thank for the Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie; he’s credited with bringing rhubarb seeds to the United States. Rhubarb can survive cold climates, leading to the dish becoming popular in the north.

June 10

Any time we celebrate three foods in one day, things are going to get a bit hairy. You can season your Black Cow with Herbs & Spices, and use it as a swizzle stick in your Iced Tea, but we wouldn’t encourage it.

June 11

Did you ever know what makes German Chocolate Cake so delicious? The topping is a mixture of coconut and pecans, and is made traditional with dark chocolate; this is a combo of three foods that go great together.

June 12

Cachaça is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil, made from fermented sugarcane. Peanut Butter Cookies might be a delicious pair with the drink, but may be a bit of sugar overload.

June 13

Not a food holiday, but a food-producing holiday, today celebrates the Kitchen Klutzes of America. Practice separating egg whites or cutting carrots, simple things once you try a few times.

June 14

“Strawberry Shortcake” is a character created by American Greetings. Strawberry on a Shortcake is a Japanese romantic TV series. Strawberry Shortcake, though, is a deliciously light and sweet cake.

June 15

Lobster might be a little rich for your budget, but what other day are you encouraged to wear a bib and dunk a large shellfish in vats of butter?

June 16

Fudge, not Superfudge, is the food of the day. Do you like nuts or pecans in your fudge, or do you prefer classic chocolate? You can ready Judy Blume’s magnum opus if you really wish to, while eating fudge.

June 17

Today comes with a crossroads. Do you Eat All Your Veggies, or do you eat some fruit in an Apple Strudel? I mean, you can do both, but you just might be overwhelmed.

June 18

This day is one of those where things just come together. Take a Cherry Tart with you on a Picnic!

June 19

Drink a Dry Martini, presuming you’re of legal age. Naturally, James Bond would have his shaken, not stirred.

June 20

A Vanilla Milkshake might be a tasty treat on a hot day in the middle of June. Are you a fan of toppings or flavors mixed in, or do you like to keep it simple?

June 21

Sliced peaches and whipped cream combine in the light, fruity summertime dessert of Peaches and Cream.

June 22

Any good diner would have both a home-made Chocolate Eclair on the menu alongside a stack of freshly-fried Onion Rings. Personally, they’re two of my favorites.

June 23

Bring back some leftover pecans from another day, and make some Pecan Sandies. This month seems a little set up for baking, doesn’t it?

June 24

Pralines are a combination of sugar and crushed nuts. Bringing back the pecans, the original Louisiana variation featured them, thanks to plentiful pecan trees.

June 25

Rounding back to Louisiana, a fried piece of Catfish would be a decent dinner, followed by a Strawberry Parfait to cool down for dessert.

June 26

Chocolate Pudding, a historical variation on chocolate custard, largely consist of milk, sugar, chocolate, vanilla, and a starch. Seinfeld offered up a brilliant idea of skimming the skin off the top and selling them as “pudding singles”.

June 27

Indian Pudding is an elaborate version of corn hasty pudding, vaguely related to polenta. It’s a little out of date, really thriving during wartime. You could take a trip through time and make a batch, though.

June 28

Ceviche may appear to be raw fish, but as it’s marinated in citrus juice, it’s actually cooked by the acid inherent. Tapioca comes from the cassava plant, which can also produce something that could become cyanide. Now you know!

June 29

Almond Butter Crunch is very much like a toffee. Roasted almonds mixed in with the toffee before cooling puts a decidedly American spin on the dish.

June 30

An Ice Cream Soda is an entertaining and inventive way to enjoy both a dessert and a caffeinated beverage. Drop a scoop of ice cream into a large glass of your soft drink of choice; if you use root beer, you’ve got yourself a root beer float.