Obscure Food Holidays – August

Fourth of July is over, and the summer festivities are beginning to wind down. School will be starting soon enough, followed by an election, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before you know it, the year will be over. Before then, we need to make sure we enjoy the heat of the summer, and nothing makes a nice hot meal better than a cool desert. It looks like you’ll have to stock up on vanilla ice cream, raspberries, marshmallows, and pie crusts this month.

August 1-
The month starts off with National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. Apparently, Raspberry Cream Pie is a thing. I’ll personally stick with some of the pies listed later in the month.

August 2-
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is something I can fully support. Remember how I said you should stock up on vanilla ice cream? This is where you’ll start using it. Sure, you can go out of the norm and put various flavors in between various cookies, but I’ll stick with something like a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream between two chocolate-chip cookies. If you can’t keep it cold, just go buy a pack of Oreos and say they’re freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches that astronauts eat. Someone just may believe you.

August 3-
The day is both Watermelon Day and, I kid you not, “Grab Some Nuts” Day. I could go with the comment that the peanuts in question would make you thirsty, and that pairing them with watermelon would sate you. Or, we can just all bask in the knowledge that there is a day suggesting you to grab some nuts.

August 4-
I hope you’re up for a delicious dinner. The Fourth Of August (a much less celebrated holidays, except for those who always show up to things way late) should involve a dinner of lasagna, paired with champagne, and finished off with a bag of chocolate chips. All three are highlighted foods of the day, and are common enough to not make you break out of your comfort zone.

August 5-
Notice how the previous day balanced out well? Naturally, this day has to have the combination of waffles and oysters. Go ahead; we dare you to combine the two. National Waffle Day and National Oyster Day are best enjoyed at different meals.

August 6-
Still have some ice cream, right? Drop a scoop in root beer, as it’s Root Beer Float day. Don’t drop a scoop in real beer; it won’t taste nearly as good.

August 7-
Remember Raspberry Cream Pie Day? Scoop the filling out of the pie pan and enjoy “Raspberries in Cream Day”. Seriously, it seems to be that easy… until you find out that there’s a popular flower called “Raspberries In Cream“. Are we supposed to eat the flower, or the actual raspberries in cream? Much like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, the world may never know.

August 8-
Bread, gratin, grilled, fettuccine, fried, ratatouille, stuffed, crisps, sauteed, pancakes, chili… it sounds like I’m talking about what you can do with potatoes or with grains, but nope, it’s zucchini. I’m personally not a fan, but with a look at all the recipes you can make with it, there might be something tolerable in the batch. In the worst case, I can turn Zucchini Day into Frozen Custard Day. Frozen Custards are like ice cream, but with a lot less air, and includes eggs. Someone could probably craft a Zucchini Frozen Custard, but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will give that a try.

August 9-
Arroz con leche, sweet rice porridge, burbur sumsum, firni… rice pudding has dozens of names across the globe, but it all boils down to similar ingredients: rice, milk, spices, flavorings, sweetener, and eggs. On August 9th, go international and try one of these variations for National Rice Pudding Day.

August 10-
Bust out that vanilla ice cream one more time, and make yourself a banana split. If you don’t want a cold treat, but are enjoying a campfire, toast some s’mores. I told you to stock up on the marshmallows; this is your chance to use much of them. They’re best when they’re burnt. Just don’t get the two dishes mixed up for National Banana Split and National S’Mores Day.

August 11-
This month really pushes raspberries. Use some excess pie crust and make yourself a raspberry tart for National Raspberry Tart Day.

August 12-
It’s “Julienne Fries” day. What’s a “Julienne Fry”? It’s just a french fry. “Julienne” is the type of cut the fry comes in. We don’t need to be classy after french fries, do we? Do what Canadians do and slather them with cheese curds and gravy; it’s poutine, and it’s a national delicacy. The American equivalent would be chili-cheese fries, in a way. If you want a variation from the norm, try making sweet potato fries; they’re undeniably healthier in any situation.

August 13-
We do need to be classy about filet mignon though, and we should treat ourselves to one on National Filet Mignon Day. The name literally means “cute” or “dainty” fillet. What makes filet mignon so expensive? Most steer or heifers only contain around 4-6 pounds of it, and since the muscle does not bear weight, it less connective tissue, contributing to it’s tender nature.

August 14-
Ah, the mighty creamsicle. My favorite is orange juice and whipped vodka.

Oh, wait, I think they mean the actual popsicle with a vanilla ice cream center and an orange icy exterior for National Creamsicle Day.

Yeah, I’ll stick with my vodka and orange juice.

August 15-
Get back to baking pies, as it’s Lemon Meringue Pie day. This is one of the few pies you’ll find without an upper crust

August 16-
This is a combo I can stick by; bratwurst and rum. Two great tastes that combine together. Just a splash of Coke to not be totally gone, and a fair amount of carb-loaded side dishes, and this sounds like a meal unto itself. National Bratwurst Day and National Rum Day can be National Delicious Day.

August 18-
Leave some of that vanilla ice cream you stocked up for this month out on the counter. It’s Soft Ice Cream Day. It’s called Creemee in New England, softcream in Japan, Soft Ice in Europe, and Machine Ice Cream in the Domincan Republic, but Israel calls it American Ice Cream… it has an American holiday, after all.

August 19-
August 19th is a combination of two things that might taste great together. On one side is National Potato Day, which works great if you bought a lot for Julienne Fry Day. The other side is Hot and Spicy Food Day. You can make a spicy potato soup, hot and spicy potato skins, and more, but I suggest using potatos in a good, spicy curry.

August 20-
Cut yourself a slice, and pour yourself a glass; the combination of lemonade and chocolate pecan pie will make any hot summer’s eve tolerable, and the combination of Lemonade Day and Chocolate Pecan Pie day is amazingly fortuitous.

August 21-
Keep your pecans around, as it’s Pecan Torte Day. Or, if you’re tired of pecans, just skip this day.

August 22-
Traditional spumoni contains cherry, pistachio and chocolate or vanilla ice cream. You could swap out peach for one of the flavors if you wanted to celebrate both National Spumoni Day and National Peach Day.

August 23-
Sponge Cake Day is here. You may know it as butter cake or pound cake, but those in the UK call it Madeira cake and Victoria sponge cake. That ice cream you’re begging to get rid of goes well with this cake.

August 24-
Peach Pie is the pie of the day, but after chocolate pecan pie, lemon meringue, and raspberry cream pie days, you might be a little exhausted of pies at this point.

August 25-
Whiskey, lemon juice, sugar; It’s the simple ingredients for a delicious Whiskey Sour. You can mix in egg white, bourbon, or grenadine to change it up into a Boston Sour or a Ward 8, and you should top it with an orange slice and maraschino cherry. On this day, make sure to enjoy a Whiskey Sour.

August 26-
Much of the deserts we’ve covered this month involve a little bit of preparation. Relax, and pull a cherry popsicle out of the fridge for Cherry Popsicle Day.

August 27-
It’s Pots de Creme Day. What’s that? It literally translates to “pot of custard”, and is a loose custard in a porcelain cup. A combination of eggs, egg yolks, cream, milk, and a bit of flavoring, baked in a water bath. Add a little bit of banana flavoring to the dish, as it’s also Banana Lover’s Day. For some reason, it’s not a day to celebrate the banana, but a day dedicate to those that do.

August 28-
This month seems to be dominated by pastries, as August 28th is National Cherry Turnover Day.

August 29-
Finally, August 29th breaks up the monotony of focusing on pastries, ice cream, and the like. It’s National Chop Suey Day. Chop Suey literally translates into “to break into many pieces” (makes since, with the “chop” in the name). The origin of the dish is debated, but it seems to have been sold by owners of Chinese restaurants to Americans, while Chinese people would avoid the dish. Lemon Juice is also celebrated this day. I guess you could put a dash of lemon juice in Chop Suey for a little bit of flavor.

August 30-
We’re back to sweets with Toasted Marshmallow Day. The best way to toast a marshmallow is over a fire, but remember, if a giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is attacking, you need to cross the streams (warning: mild language, it’s Ghostbusters) to toast the giant monster.

August 31-
Almonds, peanuts, soybeans, cranberries, raisins, apricots, apples, candied orange peels, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, M&Ms, cereal, pretzels, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds, granola, carob chips, banana chips, shredded coconut, Brazil nuts, crystallized ginger, and marshmallows: grab a handful and variety of these ingredients, and you can celebrate National Trail Mix Day to the fullest extent.