Obscure Food Holidays: November

The food on the holiday table
November is somewhat dominated by a certain food holiday epitomized by the rather ugly creature in the image to the right, but there is a whole other host of holidays to take advantage of.

November 1-

Not loaded with enough candy from last night, and really have the urge to destroy your stomach? Deep fry some clams and flavor them with vinegar to take out both Deep Fried Clams Day and Vinegar Day.

November 2-

Since we’re on the topic of destroying your stomach, rock some deviled eggs for consistency, or inconsistency. Devilied Egg Day can be delicious, but only in moderation.

November 3-

National Sandwich Day can be as simple or extravagant as you want it. Slap some peanut butter between two pieces of white bread, and you’re golden. Make a giant Dagwood, and you’ll make Scooby-Doo and Shaggy envious. What most people will do? Walk up to your local sub chain, order a big, footlong sandwich, and eat your day’s worth of calories in one sitting.

November 4-

We’re back to candy? You may not explicitly desire to see candy this soon after Halloween, but you can count National Candy Day as an excuse to finish off whatever leftovers you have. It’s not like you’ll be taking in any extra sugar tomorrow.

November 5-

National Doughnut Day? Really? I just said we’d not be taking in any extra sugar, and here you are.

November 6-

National Nacho Day ranges in scale. You can go to a decent local Mexican restaurant and get a giant plate of them. You can go to your local gas station, open up a bag of tortilla chips, and pour liquid cheese and jalapenos on them. My personal, guilty pleasure of a treat late at night? Take a deep bowl, put a flour tortilla at the bottom, toss some store-bought tortilla chips (crumbs at the bottom of the bag are fine too, and almost encouraged) in the bowl with shredded cheese, onions, and whatever other nacho toppings you have. Nuke it for a minute and a half, and you have a cheesey, gooey bowl of nachos. Best part? When you get to the bottom, where all the cheese leftovers went, the crumbs, and the like, you can pull the tortilla out, eat a nacho taco, and have a relatively clean bowl.

November 7-

At this point, just melt down any bittersweet chocolates leftover from Halloween and toss some almonds.Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day is here.

November 8-

A cappuccino is espresso, hot milk, and foam. A Harvey Wallbanger is vodka, Galliano, and orange juice. Start the day off with one and end it with the other, you’ve easily tackled both Cappuccino Day andHarvey Wallbanger day.

November 9-

November 9th is Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day. It is also Scrapple Day, scrapple being a combination of pork scraps, cornmeal and flour. If you dress it up correctly, it can be bold and pungent.

November 10-

Vanilla Cupcake Day can be as easy as it sounds.

November 11-

Ice cream and sauce, maybe a few nuts, and top it with a cherry. How can you go wrong with Sundae Day? Since it falls on a Sunday, even better.

November 12-

There’s a variety of pizza toppings that’ll come when you say “give me one with everything.” Pepperoni, sausage, onions, and ham are all expected. Buffalo chicken and blue cheese? Why not. Steak and caramalized onions? I’ve seen it. Go down the list of possible foodstuffs for pizzas, and toss it on one.

Except anchovies. It is National Pizza With Everything Day (Except Anchovies).

November 14-

Have you ever eaten pickles with guacamole? It could be great, or it could be horrifying. Guacamole Dayand Pickle Day have combined forces.

November 15-

After all the horrifying food combos you’ve eaten this month, you might just need Raisin Bran Cereal Dayto take care of things.

November 16-

Now that the previous day has reset your body, throw some horribly greasy stuff at it with Fast Food Day.

November 17-

Baklava Day should be a national holiday. Many ethnic groups claim origin of the amazing dessert, but all can share it. While you’re sharing things, Homemade Bread Day offers something nice to break with family and friends.

November 18-

Julia Child once claimed vichyssoise (of Vichyssoise Day) was an American invention. Are you going to argue with the first celebrity chef?

November 19-

Depending on where you live, National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day may go by different names. Soda Pop, Fizz, Soft Drinks, and one of the greatest signs of brand recognition: Coke. Not Coca-Cola, but “Coke”. In the South, it has become the default term for the “carbonated beverage with caffeine”, followed by a specification on which actual drink you want: 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, Pepsi Next, whatever. It’s a Coke first, and a certain type next.

November 20-

This day is ripe for a classy post-dinner snack. Peanut Butter Fudge Day can be appropriately enjoyed alongside a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau (in celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau Day), a red wine.

November 21-

It’s getting near the end of the year; the Gingerbread men are amassing their cookie armies in preparation of Gingerbread Day.

November 22-

It may be Thanksgiving, but you have to find a way to also celebrate Cashew Day. Maybe sliver some on top of green beans, instead of almonds.

November 24-

Not sure of the difference between anchovies and sardines? They’re all tiny fish that people traditionally don’t find delicious, but enough people do to keep a market for them on grocery story shelves. Take the anchovies from November 12th’s pizza and eat them now. If someone asks you if you’re eating anchovies or sardines, just say “yes” and leave them befuddled. It is National Sardine Day, after all.

November 26-

Really, do you need a reason to enjoy cake? National Cake Day is something that you won’t find much opposition to. Vary up the type of cake, if anything. Coffee cake, Hostess cake, cake pop, or ice cream cake. If your birthday is November 26th, all the better: you can have birthday cake, or what Mitch Hedberg called, a candle holder.

November 27-

Named in the early 19th century for the people of Bavaria, nowadays Americans can honor them withBavarian Cream Pie Day.

November 28-

On March 11th, 2003, French Toast was renamed “Freedom Toast” by the House of Representatives in all of their cafeterias.

On November 28th, 2013, this is a distant memory on French Toast Day.

This year, this is the day that both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah start (technically, at sunset the night before for the latter), so expect some unique foods to be eaten on this combo.

November 29-

I hope you’re not still rocking some chocolates from Halloween, but if you are, you can offset Chocolates Day with Lemon Meringue Pie Day.

November 30-

… or you can just overindulge and enjoy Mousse Day.