Obscure Food Holidays – September

September is largely low on the holiday list. While Oktoberfest starts late in the month, the rest of the month is filled with boring holidays such as Labor Day, Constitution Day, and then religion-speicific ones such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Still, there’s a few days to celebrate the waning months of summer with a fair amount of fruits that thrive in those months. As usual, a lot of desserts are included.

September 2nd
This is an oddity. When you think of popsicles, blueberry is probably not the first flavor to jump to mind. Yet, September 2nd is National Blueberry Popsicle Day. Looking around, people seem to want to mix bananas, cheesecake, strawberry, and lemonade flavors with the blueberry; stick with the basic blueberry to keep not dilute the day. If you want to make your own, don’t forget about the popsicle sticks.

September 3rd
Up until researching for this article, I believed Welsh Rarebit (also known as “Welsh Rabbit”) actually included rabbit. If you’ve never had it, the dish is basically melted cheese and seasonings served hot on toasted bread. It’s basically a British Hot Brown. Try it out on National Welsh Rarebit Day.

IceCreamGlassSeptember 4th
No, as Homer Simpsons declares it, the nut is not called “Macamadamia”. High in fat, low in protein, and toxic to dogs, there’s not many health benefits to the nut with the highest amount of monounsaturated fats. Try it on ice cream for something different for National Macadamia Nut Day.

September 6th
Chocolate and vanilla are the classics, strawberry is a nice summer treat, and Ben and Jerry have gone overboard in trying new things. Somewhere in the middle is the focus of National Coffee Ice Cream Day. Adding some caffeine to your sugary treat just might be what you need to cure the ice cream headache that’ll come from eating this. Circle of life and all that.

September 9th
If you’re not sure what weinerschnitzel is, all you need to know is that it’s breaded and fried veal. Sounds delicious. For September 9th, you need to celebrate Weinerschnitzel Day with the dish. Make sure it’s not pork, because that actually has to be called weinerschnitzel vom Schwein to delinieate the differentce in Austria.

September 10th
Isn’t every dinner made to be eaten in front of the television in this day and age? With refrigerators including televisions, it’s not an absurd concept to catch some television while eating up, but it all started with the TV dinner. Go grab some Hungry Man with unhealthy amounts of sodium, nuke the tray, and watch that container of chocolate flavoring firm up into a brownie. TV Dinner Day does not need anything fancy; it’s best done with a microwave and a TV tray.

September 11th
Hot Cross Buns being celebrated on this day is an oddity. The spiced sweet bun with currants or raisins is traditionally associated with Easter, and yet National Hot Cross Bun Day is celebrated months later? They’re still delicious, but it’s just an oddity to enjoy the dish on this day.

September 12th
Will anyone ever complain about being encouraged to drink a chocolate milkshake? Go enjoy one on National Chocolate Milkshake Day. We won’t tell if you dip some salty, greasy fries in the shake; there’s a reason it’s a great pair for a cheeseburger and fries, and is a true American classic.

September 13th
Just don’t expect a full meal today. When you combone National Peanut Day and Snack A Pickle Day, you’re just expected to have snack food at the ready. Theoretically, you could pickle peanuts, but that can’t be delicious for anyone.

September 14th
End the second week of September with a hearty meal. It’s Eat A Hoagie Day and National Cream Filled Donut Day. You could theoretically make a hoagie out of donut and then fill it with some sort of custard if you really wanted to combine the two dishes, but just play it safe and eat the two seperately.

iStock_000004784315XSmallSeptember 15th
Hope you want a delicious dinner. Enjoy National Linguine Day and pair it with a Crème de Menthe Day drink. I’d prefer to go the Ian Fleming route and copy Thunderball: a creme de menthe frappe with a maraschino cherry on top would be delicious. Linguine is simple enough pasta that it’s hard to mess up. With that in mind, go ahead and drink the creme de menthe before and while you cook.

September 16th
Guacamole goes great on tortilla chips, and thanks to Subway’s encouragement to “Add-vocado”, people have begun throwing it on their sandwiches. I can’t imagine it tasting delicious on cinnamon-raisin bread, but that’s what is in the cards for the day that shares both of these highlights, National Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Day and National Guacamole Day.

September 17th
If you like Tim Conway and Don Knotts, be sure to toss in The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again into your DVD players. Oh, I guess you could theoretically buy or make apple dumplings for National Apple Dumpling Day, but that doesn’t include the fun of Conway and Knotts.

September 18th
Seriously, do I need to even explain National Cheeseburger Day? A bun, a beef patty, and a slice of American cheese. It’s the default fast food burger in this day and age, and there’s no reason not to get one. They average a dollar at a fast food chain for one of the most basic iterations, or you can deck it out at home. Ground veal, blue cheese, and a homemade bun? Go for it.

September 20th
National Rum Punch Day obviously suggests that you drink rum punch, but it’d be good to go meta and watch Jackie Brown; the 1997 Quentin Tarintino movie was based off the 1992 Elmore Leonard novel Rum Punch. Heck, pour yourself a glass of rum punch as you watch the movie.

photo_9707_20090301-300x225September 21th
This sounds like it could pair well; September 21st is both International Banana Festival Day and National Pecan Cookie Day. If you really wanted to enjoy it, cut up some bananas and include them in the pecan cookie mixture. It could turn out delicious if you let sugar caramelize on top of it, and…

I’m sorry. I’ve appeared to have drooled on my keyboard.

September 22th
We all know ice cream tastes better in a ice cream cone. It’s taken Wendys forever to realize that their Frosties taste better in a waffle cone. Celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day by watching Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz; they’re the first two parts of the “Blood and Ice Cream” Trilogy from director Edgar Wright, featuring violence and Cornetto-brand ice cream cones in each installment. Fill it up with the leftover coffee ice cream from earlier. To make everything better, you can even make your own, fresh waffle cone.

September 23th
It’s the lesser-loved variation on chocolate, but find time on September 23rd to celebrate National White Chocolate Day. While dark chocolate has it’s beneficial properties, white chocolate lacks these antioxidants. If something’s marketed as white chocolate in America, be sure that it at least has 20% coocoa butter, 14% total milk solids, and 3.5% milk fat (and no more than 55% sweeteners). Regulations have cracked down on it, making sure that something advertised as white chocolate actually is chocolate.

September 24th
We seem to be on a roll combining alcohol with sweets this month. Light a dish of cherries and liqueur on fire and pour that on some vanilla ice cream, and you have National Cherries Jubilee Day. Playing with fire is always fun, especially with a culinary torch but just be a little careful to not eat the dish until the fire has gone out.

September 25th
Crabmeat, onion, butter, mushrooms, flour, milk, dry sherry, cayenne pepper, toast points, and paprika. That’s all that goes in this dish that I had never heard of, at the heart of Crab Newberg Day. It seems to be a simple variation of lobster newberg. If you want to know the origins of that, look up a dish called “Lobster Wenberg” and rearrange the last name; after an argument between a sea captain and a restauranteer, the name was rearranged out of spite.

photo_989_20060201-300x200September 26th
IHOP may declare National Pancake Day to be February 28th, but the nationally recognized day is September 26th. You can still go to IHOP, but don’t expect them to honor your wishes for a free shortstack on this day. If they turn you down completely, go home and make as many as you want with a pancake dispenser.

September 27th
This is an odd combo, but work with us here. Corned Beef Hash is a great breakfast item, combining leftovers from the night before with some breakfast-esque items, such as potatoes and eggs. Chocolate Milk is a great breakfast treat. Enjoy yourself a big glass of chocolate milk alongside a dish of corned beef hash.

iStock_000005659611XSmall-347x288September 28th
This is not an odd combo. Eat a slice of strawberry cream pie, and wash it down with a beer. Drink Beer Day should technically be every day, and Strawberry Cream Pie Day is good to celebrate at the end of dinner.

September 29th
Go enjoy coffee throughout National Coffee Day. I personally prefer a hot apple cider or hot cocoa to coffee, but I’m sure the rest of the world that actually enjoys coffee will go for this.