The Ramen Burger Craze… Is It For You?

The simple hamburger may be the quintessential American food canvas; it’s iconic, allows for endless customization, and can (commonly, at least) be eaten with one hand. Everything from the condiments, meat source, veggies and more can all be swapped out for a quick and interesting sandwich diversion. We’ve covered many of the substitutions you can make in the interest of improving your sales of these burgers. One of the cheaper ways the burger has been improved in recent months is by simply putting french fries on the sandwich; Primanti Bros. may have pioneered the “fries on sandwich” thing, and Burger King has taken it mainstream.

The bigger culinary movement for burgers, outside of the all-too notable Cronut (which had notably turned in to a Cronut Burger) has become the Ramen Burger.

Wait, Ramen Burger? What’s that?

The Ramen Burger’s Origins

The Ramen Burger spawned from Smorgasburg’s pop-up party, and has quickly become a major dish for people to, if anything, have fun with. It’s moved from the food party to Los Angeles, with a knockoff showing up at ramen restaurants. The trend is easy and clear to follow; Ramen Burger has captured the imagination of foodies, and they want to see it spread across the country. Pop Sugar has come up with the basic instructions for those wanting to make it at home, but why let them have all the fun? You could take advantage of the crazy and popularize your own Ramen Burger.

Can I Make The Ramen Burger?

All you need is off-the-shelf ramen packets and eggs, one per packet (and one packet makes both halves of the “bun”. For actual cooking and forming, you need ramekins, frying pans, and a pot to boil the ramen in. The instructions are absurdly simple for the buns, as seen above, and yet it’s what you put between the buns is what makes the burger your own.

How Can I Make It Mine?

Take a look at the kind of food you sell. If you go for the generic American hamburger, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and more might be traditional items that could work for you. Remember that the ramen burger is (theoretically) Asian-inspired, so concepts like Sriracha, soy sauce, wasabi and more are what you may just need. Italian fare? Sundried tomatoes, pesto, and maybe even a swap to a breaded chicken cutlet could find that sweet spot between a sandwich and a pasta dish. Taking a look at your menu and theme, try to see what you can combine in between the bun to make a perfect Ramen Burger that’ll drive people to your business.

What’s the Cost?

Thankfully, the costs that taking on this challenge would be very minimal. One egg per burger and one pack of ramen is all you need to take it from standard burger buns to ramen burger buns; with ramen burgers, you may actually end up spending the same amount on burger buns, if not saving money due to ramen’s incredibly cheap costs. Production time will easily be increased, but you may just find yourself with a whole new host of people lining out the door willing to wait.

Is the ramen burger for you? Might be worth experimenting; people are lining up for the dish as it stands, and are craving one in your location.