Food Planning For Emergencies

photo_6752_20080814-399x300With Hurricane Sandy and the legendary “Frankenstorm” shackling the Eastern seaboard in their houses, with chances of flooding, power outages, and the like disrupting daily life, the simple concept of feeding yourself becomes questionable. No take out, and unlikely to actually drive out to some place for food, one must look to their home for full meals, and in many cases, you may be restricted from cooking food and keeping food cold. What can you stock up on to keep healthy?


Water, obviously, should always be your highest priority. Keep some water in simple containers, in case your water supply is cut off. Fill up sports bottles, glasses (but keep them covered), and mugs and such to ensure you have water for free. Additionally, water bottles purchased from a store may cost a bit more than “free,” but it’s a safe way to keep water around. In addition to water, you may want to stock up on some drinks like apple juice for a bit of nutrition. If you think you’ll be bored and not have to worry about your safety, liquor and beer is a good time-waster, but unhealthy. You may need some alcohol to clean wounds if things get bad, after all.


Simple energy, trail mix, and cereal bars are great ways to pack in some calorie-dense, largely healthy, and self-contained packaged snacks. In case things get hairy, keeping one of these on your person could definitely help out.

Dry Food

There’s a whole world of cereal (yes, you can eat cereal without milk), breads, meats (stay to the dried ones, such as beef jerky), and more that require no preparation. Pasta, beans, and rice usually require cooking, despite being healthy. Soups are, likewise, at the whims of heating (unless you don’t mind eating cold soup). Frozen food may or may not be edible, and if power goes out, you might want to finish off some things before others. Don’t eat the raw frozen chicken, but indulge a bit in the ice cream.

Veggies and Fruits

Hopefully you won’t be stuck in a prolonged situation of relying on your food storages, but fruits and veggies will go bad; make sure they’re eaten early on to build up strength and take advantage of them when you can.


No, don’t turn to your animals for sustenance. Make sure your pet friends are stocked up on food as well.


If you’re looking for the densest food to keep you going, peanut butter offers a pack of protein and encourages weight gain, while a traditional chocolate bar is calorie-dense enough to power some up.