Could You Eat Insects For Nutritional Benefits?

It can be considered a delicacy in certain situations, or it can be a disaster if you want it to be. Many insects are actually dense in protein, reproduce fast enough to be sustainable, thrive in conditions that might be too hard for larger mammals to grow in, and are ecologically responsible. Have you ever thought about adding insects to your diet?

A new report by the United Nations states that eating insects could help fight pollution, malnourishment, and hunger, Huffington Post reports. The Food and Agriculture Organization recently finished a study, stating that edible insects such as grasshoppers, ants, and more would be a boon to society if we, our pets, and our livestock, ate them. They produce, on the large, less harmful greenhouse gasses, feed on waste, and produce for agricultural feed. They also reproduce quickly, are high in protein, and contain many vitamins and minerals.

Who’s The Pest? Event even makes a point to show that they can be delicious. In the following video, Beeswax Ice Cream might be the most sane thing you’ll see, but the dishes are apparently delicious.

Epicurious recently gave some crawling critters a taste test, and came up with the following observations:

Earthworms taste like dirt no matter how much pad thai sauce you stew it in or how much sriracha you squirt on it. And the texture is just as nasty as you’d imagine — a combination of rubbery, gummy and squishy. You get bits of dirt-tasting earthwork stuck between your teeth, and it stays there for the rest of the night.
Scorpions and crickets and other chitin-y bugs are bitter and a little less crunchy than you’d expect, and there’s really not much to them besides that — and the bitter aftertaste, which is hard to wash away.
Mealworms are juicier than you’d expect them to be. That’s not a good thing.
The surprise winner? Maggots. Maggots pop in your mouth and have a toasted-rice flavor. They’re almost exactly like Rice Krispies, no kidding. Now go eat breakfast.

So, with the options weighed, would you consider eating our multi-legged, crunchy, critters? Do you see them as a viable option to help out nutrition and the Earth?

Or, are you just all-too grossed out by the concept?