Carb Alternatives, For Your New Year's Resolutions

It’s a new year, and time for a new you. This is the year where you’re going to finally lose that extra weight, get in shape, and be a better you.

You’ve exchanged that hamburger for a sandwich from the house, which is a good start. Still, that sandwich is likely two pieces of carbohydrate-fueled bread surrounding meat, cheese, and veggies. If you’re going for the full diet, why not kick it up a notch? Food Beast has thrown out the concept of hollowing out a cucumber and using it as a sub.

Beyond a cucumber, we’ve got a few other suggestions to try something else.

Sweet Potato

Take a baked sweet potato, hollow it out (saving the innards for whatever you desire), and toss sweeter sandwich ingredients in the “bun”, like a cranberry turkey sandwich. In another fashion, you could slice the potato length-wise a few different times and bake the sheets to make really thin finger-sandwiches.


This is a situation where less mass makes all the difference. Tortillas aren’t exactly too much healthier, but there is less to them. Wrap it that sandwich in a tortilla, and if you can, pan-sear it for a bit of crunch.

Egg Roll Wrapper

This is one I’ve actually done to a lot of success: using an egg roll wrapper, you can make bite-sized sandwiches, or layer one on another with fillings to keep the sandwich form factor.


Going back to the greens, a classic trick is to use lettuce (or cabbage, or your big leafy green of choice) to hold the food. Think of it as a portable, hand-held salad.

Remember, with any diet, as soon as you go back to your original food and eating habits, the weight will return. It takes exercise on top of a change to how you eat to really adjust your body.

If you have a suggestion for us, let us know!