January Viral Videos

Every month, we take a look at the best viral videos we’ve found online, and compile them for you. Got a lunch break to kill? Press play.

We’re the Mario Brothers, and plumbing’s our game… actually, no, it’s bento boxes, apparently. This quick guide shows you how to make a bento lunch stylized after Nintendo’s iconic character.

Need a quick primer on the best drinks to make in college?

What happens when an invisible driver orders drive-thru?

The Knife Guys take over Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Is it real or fake? Can you inhale a water bottle that quick?

Eric Ripert easts his first Chicken McNugget.

This new way to use ketchup is brilliant and safer than before.

The Swedish Chef is hired by ESPN…

… and to wrap things up, a hockey player finds something unexpected in his beer.