Welcome To The "Luv Shaq", Shaq's New Vodka

Shaquille O’Neal is known for a pretty good basketball career. He’s an Olympic Gold Medalist, multiple-time MVP, and ranks sixth in all-time points scored. He may not be the best, but he has been a really great (and notable) basketball player.

He’s also known, for better or worse, his rap career, his movie career, and even a memorable turn in the video game Shaq-Fu. With one album having gone Platinum, his movies range from Blue Chips and Kazaam to Steel and… well, that was it. Shaq-Fu was critically panned,

Now, he’s taking his hand at vodka. Luv Shaq, his new brand of vodka, will release in early 2013. For the active-alcohol-imbiber, the drink will be both sugar and gluten-free. Devotion Vodka will produce the drink, which reportedly comes in a coconut flavor, The New York Post reports.

Sure, I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully it’s a slam dunk (Yes, those puns are horrid), and not a disaster on the level of Shaq-Fu.