Sriracha Stretches Beyond Sauce With Two New Products

Sriracha’s gone from a small, obscure condiment, to a definite part of the average kitchen in America. Fans of sriracha will point out that the garlic, chilis, and other seasonings lead the condiment to be a “delicious blessing flavored with the incandescent glow of a thousand dying suns”.

I personally find it has replaced ketchup in all situations in my house. French fries? Hamburgers? Hot dogs? Fried eggs and hash browns? No ketchup will ever touch them again, as long as I have Sriracha.

The bottle by Huy Fong Foods has become iconic; it’s clear (revealing the neon bright red deliciousness inherent) and features, questionably, a rooster on the front. It’s “rooster sauce” for those who have trouble pronouncing “Sriracha”. It’s notable enough that a company has begun selling (and selling out of) a water bottle designed after the iconic condiment.

The Oatmeal, undoubtedly the source of a funny comic you’ve passed around to coworkers or friends, once focused on Sriracha, leading to a whole set of items based on fandom for the sauce. They’ve also partnered with J&D’s, the people who crafted BaconSalt and Baconnaise, to make a Sriracha-flavored popcorn. Like the water bottle, it quickly sold out, but will be back in stock soon enough.

Sriracha is reaching bacon levels of popularity when it comes to people online who like delicious food. It may be over the top, but we might hav a new king of the condiments.