2013′s Big Game Big Ads

One year ago, we had the “big game” with its big ads. We’ve got another one coming up on Sunday, but we’ve decided to take a look back at the commercials that dominated the airwaves last year. Do you remember these? Did any of these make an impact on you?

SodaStream had two commercials ready. This one went unaired…

… while this one aired.

In certain markets, Will Ferrel continued his odd obsession with Old Milwaukee beer.

The Rock promised to get milk for three little girls. Note: Only one of those kids could be his.

Becks Sapphire features a singing fish? Okay.

We start with one Doritos commercial made by fans, featuring a dad in a dress.

Followed by another Doritos commercial starring a goat

Tracey Morgan, fresh off of 30 Rock, promotes MiO Fit.

Budweiser launches Black Crown

… while traditional Budweiser shows the lief of a clydesdale…

… and Bud Light goes on a journey.

Psy cracks some pistachios.

An argument about Oreos quietly escalates…

… much like a chase for Coca-Cola.

The red M&M would do anything for love (but he won’t do that)…

… while Redd’s Apple Ale promotes a different kind of drink.

At the end of the day, Taco Bell laughs the night away.