The Big Game’s Big Food Ads

The Big Game was this past weekend, and while it may have been heavily sided for one team, it’s the commercials that truly draw the attention of people. We’ve collected the food commercials for you to enjoy in one long lunch break.

Doritos showed that they’re for the bold kids who can ride their own dogs.

If you’re happy and you know, there’s Heinz.

Bud Light crafted a crazy night one for man.

Also, they want to highlight their new “twist”.

Cheerios got both praise and flack for a previous commercial with this cast; embracing diversity, they brought them back.

Budweiser welcomed a soldier home.

Coca-Cola also embraced diversity with this multilingual rendition of “America The Beautiful”.

Doritos can power a functioning time machine.

Dannon reunited the stars of Full House for a commercial.

Stephen Colbert sells pistachios… or doesn’t.

Butterfinger spices up peanut butter and chocolate.

Labatt Blue wants you to get undomesticated.

Chobani might just be natural enough for a bear.