The New Iron Chef Premieres Today, With A New Chairman

20121015_ironchef_tamaki-hiroshi_001-300x200Chairman Takeshi Kaga launched every episode of the original Iron Chef with “Allez cuisine!”. It’s a nonsense term, but it’s remembered for being legendary in the culinary television world.

In America, William Shatner briefly was the Chairman over Gourmet Academy USA (in the failed Iron Chef USA). Currently, Mark Dacascos portrays the chairman over Iron Chef America, in the series’ fiction as the nephew of the original Chairman Kaga.

Premiering today in Japan, a new series of Iron Chef will launch a new Chairman. Iron Chef has been off the air since 2002 (with 300+ episodes under it’s belt). Portrayed by Hiroshi Tamaki, the new Chairman will likely be a different character than Kaga’s iteration. The first battle? Iron Chef Michiba versus his own student, Kenichi Miyanaga. Secondly, Iron Chef Kenichi will fight his own son, Kentaro Chen.

Will you try to track down this new series?