Twinkies Return Today!

It’s been the loss of a generation. While you may not have bought them in recent years (which would make sense, especially since they went out of business), you always knew they were there, and if you needed to fill out a child’s lunchbox with a sweet treat, it was perfectly acceptable. Hostess was there for the sweets need in your childhood… until they suddenly weren’t.

Last year, a dispute with union workers lead to Hostess shuttering their doors, and taking Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos, and more with them. Huffington Post reports that nearly 15,000 people lost their jobs in the aftermath. Now tagged with “The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever”.

The remains of the company were bought for $410 Million by Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo. Apollo Group Management has a history of buying troubled food brands, revamping them, and selling them for a profit.

The revamped Hostess Brands LLC will run leaner and tighter, and feature a few revisions in its structure. Instead of shipping directly to stores, they’ll ship to warehouses which will make the deliveries. This change should allow the company to reach many more stores across the country, instead of being limited to what they in particular can reach. They also reduced their amount of bakeries, from 11 to four. While costs will remain the same as they once were ($3.99 for a box of 10 Twinkies, for example), minor changes in item recipes have happened; their cupcakes will use dark cocoa instead of milk chocolate. Other recipe changes in the future for the brand consist of looking into crunchy textures, gluten-free, lower sugar and sodium content, and added fiber.

Are you ready for the return of Twinkie the Kid?