What To Do With A Food Portioning Scale

DetectoAP-10You might think that food portioning scales are only for restaurants, diners or cafes. The truth of the matter is that anyone can benefit from having a food portioning scale in their kitchen as one of their major kitchen gadgets. If anything, you can always pull it out to see how much small items weigh.

A food portioning scale might be used in the household by someone who is watching their diet. They may have chosen cutting down on their portions as a way to help them lose a few pounds. They might also be on a particular diet that calls for weighing each item before eating it to allow only a certain amount. The food portioning scale will help you to stay right on your mark if you need to measure the portions of the food that you are eating. One smart way of staying adherent to a diet is to produce a large amount of food you can eat over the course of a week early on, and then divy it up into equally-sized portions. Make sure to stock up on plastic containers, and only buy a food that you can handle large amounts of; something like chicken works great, as you can put any sort of seasoning on it after the fact to vary up your menu.

Once you actually start paying attention to suggested food portions, you’ll realize how much insane amounts of food you may eat without even knowing it. Restaurant portions are notorious for being incredibly large (at even a normal restaurant), and once you start factoring in “indulgence” places like Big Pie in the Sky or buffets, you’ll realize the human body just isn’t meant to deal with that much mass. When the suggested portion size for lean beef is 3oz, about the size of a deck of cards, you truly realize the insane amount any steak that sold in a grocery store is.

The food portioning scales are also a great item to have on hand if you cut and wrap your own meat. If someone in the house is a hunter, these are perfect for weighing out particular amounts of meat to be wrapped for the freezer. If you’ve taken out a deer on the last hunt and have made sausage, you can easily measure you sausage into the proper amount that you choose. Whichever size you choose, the food portioning scales will easily help you weigh up the perfect amount. The same holds true for beef and pork; many people are raising their own farm animals today to help save on the cost of groceries. The food portioning scale is a must have item for you kitchen if you are preparing your own meats.

Along the same lines, if you are making your own homemade sausage, you can use the food portioning scales to help you weigh the ingredients that you need to put into your mixture so that you have the right amounts of each ingredient needed. Maybe you have been growing your own veggies in your garden; some of them you will keep and some of them you will sell at your local farmers market. Use the food portioning scales to help you weigh up the right amount of produce that you intend to sell to your customers.

If you own a business that requires that you sell items by a certain weight, you can use the food portioning scales to help you make sure that you are getting the proper amount in your customer’s purchase. They are great for any items that are sold by weight. You will often see these scales in hardware store for nuts, bolts and nails that are sold by the pound. You can even find them at the fairs or flea markets where people sell their homemade candies by the pound. You can also see them at the feed store where they weigh up seeds that are sold for people’s gardens.

There are many uses for the food portioning scales. You can probably come up with some great uses of your own; if anything, you can become a more exacting chef in the kitchen. Instead of eyeballing everything, make sure that it is in fact 3oz of chicken you’re including in your meal; it might make you a little bit OCD, but it might also make you a little trimmer.