Scare Up Some Halloween-Inspired Dishes

It’s October, which means that Christmas decorations are out in full force in the retail world. Beyond that, many restaurants are engaging their customers with Halloween-themed dishes and drinks. Have you decided to jump on this bandwagon with some scary and spooky concepts of your own?

  • Brand Eating reports that Krispy Kreme has brought back their Krispy Skremes variety of Halloween-themed donuts. Their variety includes the Jack-O-Lantern donut (shaped and stylized as a pumpkin with orange icing), the Spider Web donut (a cream-filled donut with a spider-web glaze), and a Chocolate Iced with Halloween Sprinkles donut (orange and black sprinkles). The intensity of creating these donuts varies from simplistic (the Chocolate Iced one only features a different variety of sprinkles), to moderate (the cream-filled one includes a unique design on top) and notable (the Jack-O-Lantern donut has to be shaped like a pumpkin).
  • IHOP has also brought back their Scary Face Pancakes, also according to Brand Eating. The standard pancakes has miniature OREOs, candy corn, and a strawberry for a nose, with whipped cream all as the base. This item shows what fun can be done with an item that traditionally has a lot of open area to be creative with.
  • Taco Bell has launched a new Ghost Taco (no ingredients) and Ghost Taco Supreme (loaded with sour cream). Actually, not really, but Consumerist has reported on these two (and more) fake secret menu items.

While the above items design themselves, or include ingredients traditional with Halloween, many companies have latched onto the concept of pumpkin drinks. Starbucks has their Pumpkin Spice Latte that consumers clamor for at this time of year. It has become a major focus of advertising and discussion regarding the chain, to the point where the obsession over the drink has driven people to figure out how to make their own at home for $1. Their recipe includes more natural ingredients (honey vs. high fructose corn syrup) and does not include the most cost-intensive purchase of production: an espresso machine.

Do these restaurants give you an idea on how you can add a bit of Halloween flare to your menu with your commonly-kept ingredients and items? You may actually be able to challenge Starbucks at their own game with a superior pumpkin-spiced drink, or might make parents a little annoyed at putting an extra dose of sugar on their children’s breakfast items. If you’re in the business of decorating confectionaries, though, you might want to take Krispy Kreme’s head start as a sign that decorating them in the fashion of spider webs, pumpkins, and even simply topping them with orange and black sprinkles as a guideline to be a bit more festive in the season.

Do you have any ghoulish tips about increasing Halloween sales?