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Should You Install A Kitchen Island?

If you have a traditional kitchen with all the cabinets and large appliances located along three or four walls, you are wasting a lot of valuable space in this important room.  By installing a kitchen island, you can use this wasted space much more efficiently.  A kitchen island will add more storage space and counter area while eliminating the need to walk constantly from one part of the kitchen to another.  With careful planning, you can locate everything you need for food preparation in the same small area.   A kitchen island can also create much better conditions for socializing with family and friends than a kitchen that is designed solely with food preparation in mind.

Is It Right For Your Kitchen?

Of course, not every kitchen is large enough to accommodate an island.  To prevent your kitchen from becoming too crowded, you will need to have at least four feet of space on all sides of the island.  Kitchen islands are usually rectangular in shape, but you can have them custom built in other shapes to suit your needs.  You may prefer an island that is square, curved, or round.

Before you purchase a kitchen island or have one installed, think carefully about how you want to use it.  Is it going to be a cooking area as well as an area where you prepare food? Do you want the island to contain a stove and sink? Will the dishwasher be located in the island?  Will you be eating here? The more activities you want to do in this area, the more carefully you need to plan.  An island that includes a sink, dishwasher, ceramic range, oven, and seating will be much more expensive to install than one that is designed only to increase the amount of counter and storage space available.

Planning Accordingly

Although kitchen islands will usually make your kitchen more functional, they can also detract from efficiency if they are poorly planned, especially if they are too large for the room.  Kitchen islands will change the traffic flow in kitchens, and change the way the kitchen is used for meal preparation.  By adding an island to your kitchen, you will be creating much more storage area for items such as food items and cooking utensils, as well as providing more counter area for use during food preparation.  The area directly above a kitchen island can be used for storage as well.  A rack can be installed above the island to hold hanging pots, pans, and utensils ready to be used by the busy chef.


One unexpected benefit of having a kitchen island is that it can transform your kitchen into a popular place for informal social interactions. In the morning, the kitchen island can be a family breakfast bar.  After school, your children can do their homework on the counter and chat with you while you prepare the evening meal.  When you have a party in your home, it can become a focal point for guests to gather and mingle.

 If you plan carefully before you install your kitchen island, you will create a room that works much better, not just for the chef, but for the entire family.

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Kitchen islands are becoming very popular because they create more storage space, reduce clutter, and make meal preparation much more efficient.  They provide a way to make good use of space that was previously wasted.  In addition to their practical benefits, kitchen islands can also become a focal point where family and friends gather to socialize.  Kitchen islands can provide a great visual accent to the kitchen at the same time that they make the area in the center of the room much more functional.

Could Your Kitchen Benefit From Having a Kitchen Island?