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France's Take On: Burger King

We’ve seen how Japan handles Burger King; things such as a Whopper Buffet or a Pumpkin Whopper come to tease us. France, on the other hand, has kept things very boring.

How boring?

They haven’t sold a Whopper in 15 years.

They, in fact, have not sold one single dish at a Burger King in France in 15 years. All 39 stores closed up in 1997, and it took until 2012 for a new one to open up in an airport in Marsielles.

With the opening of a new restaurant in France, things seem to be largely the same. There’s no menu online to peruse, but it’d be surprising if the French Burger King varies much from the German: the only thing of note on their menu is a “Merry Cheesemas” option for a Santa or a Claus cheese-decked sandwich.

I wonder what they think of French Fries.

Burger King Makes Whoppers 55 Cents

Until December 9th, that is.

Celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Whopper, Burger King is offering Whoppers for 55 cents, with the purchase of any Whopper that’s not the Whopper Jr. The Whopper premiered in 1957, and the Home of the Whopper is both Burger King and it’s Australian variation, Hungry Jack’s.

Over the years, there have been variations ranging from the Windows 7 Whopper, the Angry Whopper, Indy Whopper, and the aforementioned Whopper Jr. Traditionally, the burger features a flame-grilled beef patty on a sesame-seed bun, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and a sliced onion.

Are you a fan of the Whopper, or do you go to the McDonald’s competitor, the Big Mac? Will you stock up on 55 cent Whoppers?

Burger King Begins Burger Buffet

How many hamburgers, sides, and drinks do you think you could finish in a 30-minute window? As a fast eater, I personally could probably tackle way more than a doctor would advise in the time it takes a normal television show to air with commercials.

Burger King (as usual, in Japan) is going to see what people do with a half-hour of unlimited eatings. Starting November 17th, consumers will be able to take part in a buffet from 2-11PM at their Japanese restaurants if they purchased a large Kuro meal (in the first four days) or one of four Whopper meals (for the rest of the promotion). The time limit starts from when they order their first meal and they can only go back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths) once they’ve finished it. The promo, named “BiKing”, is a play on the word “Viking”, leading to the mindset that, yes, vikings would be better suited at tackling this buffet than the average Burger King consumer.

I wish the pumpkin burger was included in their menu. Also, it’s far from the strangest food they’ve concocted.