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10 Things to Make with an Easter Egg Cake Pan

Small Easter Egg Cake Pan by Chicago Metallic CGO-47685

12-on Small Easter Egg Cake Pan by Chicago Metallic Commercial Bakeware

Don’t relegate your Easter egg cake pan to dessert duty only! Specialty bakeware like our American-made Chicago Metallic Small Easter Egg Cake Pan can open up the floodgates of creativity. We’ll get you started with some ideas.

  1. Let kids do their own decorating with a variety of pre-cut fondant shapes and individual egg-shaped cakes.
  2. Bake individual frittatas using fresh ingredients chosen by the guests when they order.
  3. Create an Easter basket full of egg-shaped rolls and corn breads that include a variety of flavors: plain, spicy jalapeno, cheese, bacon, or sweetened with honey.
  4. Serve miniature Baked Alaskas in every combination of cake and ice cream.
  5. Layer fruit salad gelatin molds and serve as a side.
  6. Create a pretty appetizer of crackers and egg-shaped pâté.
  7. Make flavored ice eggs for pitchers of sangria, cocktails, juices and iced tea.
  8. Plate a main course on an egg-shaped bed of sticky rice.
  9. Bake puff pastry into an egg shape with a sweet or savory filling.
  10. Fashion egg-shaped bowls out of bacon or crispy hash browns and fill with scrambled eggs.

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