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Drink Beer To Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy victims can still use a bit of help. Flying Fish Brewing Company hopes to benefit $50,000 to a charity with the profits from a new drink, a mix of a pale and a wheat ale. The drink will include “experimental hop ADHA 483″, Eater reports.

The drink’s name? Forever Unloved Sandy, although they prefer the shorthanded name of “FU Sandy”.

The beer will only be available in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area in draught form, and will include “beautiful, tropical nose of mangoes and guavas.” All costs of producing the beer were donated, and all proceeds will go to the charity.

Forever Unloved Sandy is not the only beer on our radar recently, with Budweiser Black Crown, Dayman Coffee IPA, and Iron Throne Blonde Ale all garnering attention. None of these are for charity purposes, though.

It would be nice to get a bottle of the stuff, but given it’s limited time and region, it looks unlikely. Still, if it’s a success, there’s always a chance it could go national.