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It’s a Fork! It’s Chopsticks! It’s the Chork!

Some diners boldly request chopsticks immediately upon entering an Asian restaurant and some diners boldly request a fork after being seated. The majority of guests are probably somewhere in the middle, either too embarrassed to try chopsticks in public or trying but getting hungrier as the meal goes on.

Meet the Chork—a single tensil that suits them all!Instructions for using the Chork.

Use the Chork in its original state as a fork.

Separate the Chork into its two halves and use them as chopsticks.

Flip the Chork upside down and it’s cheater chopsticks! (The respectable kind, solid red or solid black, without Pororo or Hello Kitty on top.)

The Chork gives timid diners an extra push to try the traditionally Asian way of dining and gives frustrated chopsticks users a little help for times when the rice just isn’t sticky enough. It’s a clever solution for restaurants and diners, and it’s sure to be a conversation piece for everyone.