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"Break Me Off A Piece Of That" Trademarked Design KitKat Bar

Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that KitKat bar!

It’s an iconic jingle, especially if you’re one to enjoy the classic KitKat bar. The audible break, even increased if you deep-freeze the bars in the fridge (unlike some caramel-based chocolate bars, the chocolate and wafers is only improved by a lower temperature), comes from the traditional, breakable bar. While, yes, you can get two or four bars to share (unless it’s the weird Easter design that’s fused for half), depending on what size you get, nobody honestly shares. Much like Twix, it’s a variable amount for me, “but none for you!”.

That iconic snap and crack, though, is now even more iconic. Nestlé has just won a trademark lawsuit against Cadbury, Huffington Post reports. Nestlé registered the trademark in 2006, with Cadbury having challenged it, claiming that a shape couldn’t be trademarked (mind you, Cadbury has trademarked a certain shade of purple). Cadbury had appealed, but the appeal has been overturned on the basis of the four-bar shape being used for so long, it’s inseparable from KitKat.

How’s this affect you, the consumer? If anything, you’ll not see any KitKat imitators breaking off a piece of that KitKat cash.