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Malaysia's Take On Pizza Hut

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, and while Pizza Hut is in the country, the food is largely recognizable, but varies greatly. Focused on pizza, pasta, wings, desert, and the infamous “p’zolo”, this is one situation where America is missing out.


For drinks in America, you’re limited to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist. Malaysia goes full-throttle with ice blended fruit and coffee drinks, smoothies, “mocktails” (blackberry fizz, passion mint fizz, and assam boi fizz), hot drinks (including “milo”), iced drinks, fruit drinks, and soft drinks. Pepsi’s the same, but 7Up and 7Up Revive (an electrolytes and B-vitamin pumped version), Pepsi Light, Mountain Dew, and mineral water are still around.


While American Pizza Huts are known for WingStop, Malaysian WingStop adds a bit of their own panache. New Orleans Drumettes, salsa wings, and smoked deli wings are the true standouts. Also, you can choose from fries (regular or cross-cut), tempura king prawns and calamari rings. There are also toasted chicken, cheese rolls and cheese-packed meatballs. And for some reason, their garlic bread has sesame seeds. You can’t skip the “Mexican corn chips with Mexican sauce” (It’s tortilla chips with salsa).

Main Dishes

Wanting lighter fare? You can get a garden fresh salad (with pineapple?), a tuna focaccia or pepperoni focaccia sandwich. Tempura prawn garlic rice, grilled chicken baked rice, and cheese baked rice are available for those who want rice. Most of these dishes can be found in the combination meals they have, called “Sensasi Delight”, with “sensasi” which is Malay for “sensation”

One of the true curiosities is “Western Favourites”. It’s unknown if this is western as in Europe or the Americas, or western as in West Malaysia, but it includes dishes such as Lime Pepper Chicken Chop, Italian Herb Chicken Chop, and chicken lamb sausages.

Pizza Hut goes all-out when it comes to pasta in Malaysia. Roasted sesame tempura king prawn spaghetti, meatball and pepperoni fettuccine, prawn olio spaghetti, vegetables pomodoro spaghetti, creamy carbonara fettuccine, meatball bolognaise spaghetti, spicy arrabbiata spaghetti, and seafood lasagna fill out the menu.


You can get an oven-baked cookie sundae, a chocolate volcano, and three tiers of ice cream: single sensation, double delight, and triple pleasure

But what about the pizza?

The Out-There Pizza Options

This is where Pizza Hut goes all out… for limited times. The rest of the items on their menu up until now are normal dishes for the most part, just with Malay twists, and the oddity of being on the menu of Pizza Hut. Sure, they have the standard fare of pan pizza and crunchy crust (basically, a thin-crust), and then they keep the cheese-stuffed crust for long periods of time. All of that flows under the absurdity that is the Super Pan Pizza- “burst of cheese and tangy sauce in the all-time favourite pan pizza crust”, with “cheese and garlic napoli sauce in the crust that’s crispy outside, fluffy inside.”

Naturally, the commercial must equate the exquisite nature of this pizza with engagement. (when’s the last time you saw someone propose in a Pizza Hut? When’s the last time you saw someone eat AT a Pizza Hut?)

And that’s just where it starts; this “Cheese Lava 3″ crust is available for most of their pizzas.

In this commercial for Golden Crown cheese Pizza, you’ll find tempura-fried prawns, pineapple, and 32 cheese bites. You’ll also find yourself near tears; while it’s not a Thai life insurance commercial, it’s a tearjerker of a food promo.

(and if you want some emotions without being force-fed the new menu, this commercial will make you want to hang out with a family member)

And then you have the Ring of Fortune pizza, with an outer AND INNER crust, both filled with cheese and coated with corn flakes. Makes up for leaving a kid at home all day, right?

Meatballs topping the crust is a nice thing we don’t have in America; more meat never hurts.

Crunchy Cheesy Bites Dip-licious effectively hits that point where you realize this can’t be healthy at all, but it can be delicious.

Chicken loaf AND chicken floss? That just sounds amazing, right?


Malaysian Pizza Hut gets you in the door with their wide variety of dishes, much more than a regular Pizza Hut in America would even consider carrying. Given the chain’s shift to largely being take-out and delivery in the US, Malaysia’s focus on sit-down dining allows them this greater menu selection. Once you hit the pizza menu, you have to wonder why a few of these haven’t come over; cheese-injected bites of dough as the tips of the crust sounds delicious.