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Three New Red Bull Flavors Charge Up 7-11

7-11 is the late-night destination for people needing a little bit of charge, on top of temporarily being a Kwik-E-Mart, home of fresh gravy dispensers, and having deduced the election based on how many of a red versus a blue cup sold.

For these 24-hour energy requirers, many go straight to Red Bull. It’s one of the original energy drinks, and you always know what you’re getting. A sugar-free variation is out there, but you never really needed more than that.

At least, you didn’t think so.

Three variations, The Red Edition, The Silver Edition, and The Blue Edition look to change up the formula a bit with the infusion of flavors to the otherwise one-flavor drink. A cranberry flavor goes with red, a blueberry one with blue, and a lime flavor with the (disappointedly not green) silver can.

At launch in March, only 7-11s will sell the variations, Huffington Post reports.