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"Wedding: Impossible" Ignores The Dinner, Restaurants

Spinning out of the Robert Irvine-hosted Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible, Irvine is the star of a wedding special. Well, his wedding and his fiancee share the spotlight. Without a Michael Symon in sight to steal the spotlight away, Irvine’s got, well… a fair amount of time to set up his dream wedding for his fiancee, TNA Wrestling professional wrestler Gail Kim.

He likes to smash restaurants down.

She likes to smash wrestlers.

It’s a match made in Heaven.

Near the end of this season of Restaurant: Impossible, Robert Irvine and Gail Kim starred in a special episode of the series, Wedding: Impossible, showing their marriage and the weeks leading up to it, how Robert juggled planning a wedding while doing the show, and so forth. Since this is on Food Network, you’d think there’d be a fair amount of focus on the food, and since it’s part of Restaurant: Impossible, there’d be a focus on how to actually pull off the reception, in a stretch.

Robert handles most of the wedding organization, but has two assistants setting up the food and the general decor of the wedding. Repeatedly commented on, Gail notes that he’ll be a “Groomzilla”, and that she has no real control over the wedding. She does set up the rehearsal dinner, and flies in Robert’s sister as a surprise.

Throughout the production, Food Network “celebrities” join Irvine in setting up his wedding. Masaharu Morimoto prepares sushi for the event (and sings a Japanese fisherman song), and Guy Fieri is a groomsmen in a blindingly-pink shirt. Marc Summers (Unwrapped host, producer, but forever unable to hide his Double Dare days) and other Food Network personalities are all in attendance, and “celebrity chefs” Beau MacMillan, Michael Chiarello, and Elizabeth Falkner are all in attendance. Why the quotations? I had to look up who they were; I’ve heard OF Chiarello, but that’s the extent. MacMillan apparently co-hosted one seasons of Worst Cooks in America. Falkner is “known for her sugar art”, according to Wikipedia.

If you want wedding tips, cooking tips, or the like, you’ll not find them here. While his other Impossible ventures have had a fair amount of usable knowledge in them, simple cooking tips and ideas from Dinner: Impossible and general good business practices from Restaurant: Impossible. Any wedding tips from Wedding: Impossible are hidden under a mess of how much Robert loves his daughters, how the couple met (on screen during Dinner: Impossible), and how much of an impossible taskmaster he can be at times, such as (hammered throughout the show) how he demands the tablecloths to lack any sort of crease.

There are a few glances of actual food in the special. Falkner makes a laundry list of cupcakes, Morimoto cuts up octopus that’s still alive, and the main courses do look appetizing, but don’t go into this special expecting anything that would be indicative of Food Network. It’s Food Network stars celebrating each other, not actually focusing on food or how to sell it. You can watch the special on Food Network’s site, but be warned if you wish to skip through to find a certain bit: you’ll repeatedly hear how Glidden can make anyone a painter, how rheumatoid arthritis can ruin lives, and Larry the Cable Guy takes Prilosec OTC.

This problem is indicative of the whole special. Even if you found a dish in the special that you’d like to try, it’s as if Food Network actively tries to prevent you from getting to it, but instead shows you how you can fight off heartburn from it with Prilosec.