Creating the Perfect Restaurant Outdoor Dining Space


Spring is the perfect time to dine al fresco. As the weather warms up, customers can’t wait to grab a spot outside at their favorite restaurant or bar. An attractive and comfortable outdoor dining space can generate huge profits for your business this spring and summer. Here are a few tips for creating an outdoor eating area that keeps customers returning time after time:

  • Control the Temperature – Air temperatures can fluctuate widely during the spring months. A balmy 75 degree afternoon can often turn into a chilly 45 degree evening. Accommodate afternoon diners that want to linger after the sun sets with a portable patio heater. Powered by a propane cylinder, these water resistant heaters are efficient enough to keep customers comfortable outside, even when the temperature drops. Alternately, make sure that customers don’t get hot during the day by installing ceiling fans in covered outdoor dining spaces.
  • Make It Easy – Dining outdoors should be a simple and stress-free experience. A folding menu board displayed in a highly visible location in your outdoor dining area makes it easy for customers to order. Use colored markers to highlight meal and drink specials on a free-standing write-on board that welcomes customers as they arrive.
  • Keep It Clean – Customers expect cleanliness whether they are dining indoors or out. Maintain your outdoor dining areas by sweeping the floors frequently and making sure that tables and chairs are cleaned regularly. Install a rubber scraper mat at each entrance to reduce dirt and grime tracked indoors. Place covered or uncovered waste receptacles around the perimeter of the dining area for customers and staff members to easily dispose of trash.
  • Simplify Serving – Minimize the time your staff spends running inside by keeping frequently used items outdoors.  Galvanized tubs filled with ice and cold drinks are perfect for outdoor bar areas, allowing staff members to serve customers quickly.

From casual and fine dining to quick serve and fast food, outdoor dining areas are a valuable investment for virtually any type of restaurant. A comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing outdoor dining space enhances your restaurant, offering customers a pleasant environment to gather with friends and family, work, or study.